You Will Never Figure it Out

You Will Never Figure it Out

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

Tomorrow marks a huge change in my life, and my wife’s life, because my wife is closing down her daycare.

For almost three years she’s been running a daycare in our house, and for the last year and a half since I left my day job, it has made way more money than I have.

Closing down the daycare may not seem like the smartest thing to do, but it’s definitely the RIGHT thing to do, at least for us, at least right now.

Because handling upwards of ten kids all day every day is physically and mentally exhausting and my wife is tired of feeling tired.

The whole reason she started the daycare in the first place was to be able to be home for our kids as they grow up.

And now Luke and Dawn are in school and Desmond is getting to daycare age, so that reason doesn’t exist any more.

And yeah. Running a daycare is exhausting. Occasionally I’ve helped her for a day or a week at a time, and I COULD NOT do something like that. It’s draining.

So now Meg is going to start up an online business in collaboration with some other members of our family, and she might actually be starting her own YouTube channel. Stay tuned for that.

It’s definitely a bit scary, but it’s RIGHT for us right now. And what worked for us as a family unit three years ago isn’t working for us any more.

And it wasn’t really planned this way, but it just happens to be happening right at the beginning of the year, as people around the world make their New Years’ resolutions and begin new phases of their own life.

While this is a big transition, and feels like the biggest change we’ve ever gone through, when you objectively look at it, it’s really not.

Having our third child, Desmond, that was a major change that required us to readjust our lives quite a lot.

Having our second child, Luke, was so huge that we moved into this house in the first place and she STARTED the daycare. That’s when I got a 9-to-5 job after working as a freelance filmmaker. That was a way more major change.

When we had our first child, Dawn, I left the place I was working then and we actually moved back in with my parents, partially for income reasons but partially because of my mom’s health.

Not just every couple of years, or every year, but multiple times a year, there are big shifts in our life that force us to reevaluate what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

This shift might be so big that I WILL have to go back to the workplace, though I don’t think so, I think 2015 is going to be the year of the epic book sales.

My point is this: we all make resolutions, and life plans, and decide what we want to do with ourselves. We do this constantly throughout our lives.

And if you’re, say, in high school or college and you’re worried about figuring out what you want to do with your life, you need to think about it from the right perspective.

Very few things you do will lock you in. Very few things you do will irrevocably alter the course of your life.

What is right for you now might not be what is right for you in ten years, and after those ten years have passed—it’s okay to change what you’re doing.

I feel like the last generation grew up in a time when you could get a job right out of college, work that job for some forty years, and then retire with a pension and social security.

And while there’s no evidence that situation existed for even a large portion of Americans, much less the majority, that sort of narrative is really, really prevalent in today’s society.

I know I’m only 28, but at least for me, that world doesn’t seem to exist any more, if it ever did.

Right now it feels like those who can adapt and change their environment, rearranging their life into what it needs to be for TODAY’S world, are the ones who are doing the best—or who, at least, are happiest with their lives.

And I think that’s really what’s most important, anyway.

Best of luck with all your plans going into the new year, Rebels. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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Best of luck! Watching my two kids was mentally exhausting, so I get it. I hope her next move goes great!

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