Yes, It’s About Guns.

Yes, It’s About Guns.

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

So the Orlando shooting happened, and we’ve all heard about it, and there are no words to express how horrific it is.

And make no mistake. It happened because America has a gun problem. But a lot of people don’t see it that way. They think it’s not about guns. Maybe YOU think it’s not about guns.

Maybe you think it’s not about guns, it’s about criminals.

Except that one of the problems is that violent criminals with criminal records are allowed to freely purchase guns which they then frequently use to kill people.

Of these, a large percentage are violent domestic abusers. A huge number of women murdered in America are murdered by their male partner.

These partners have often abused them in the past and been convicted, yet they are then allowed to buy guns which they often use to kill their wives and girlfriends. And they’re not even required to go through a background check.

Right now, the U.S. Government is offering a total of $2,000,000 in rewards for information about the top ten most wanted list. These are men who have robbed, raped and murdered countless people all combined, including children.

And any one of them could walk into a Walmart in Florida and buy an assault weapon right now, because they wouldn’t even have to show an ID.

So maybe it is about criminals, but it’s also about guns.

But maybe you think it’s not about guns, it’s about terrorists.

Well aside from the fact that terrorists have killed a tiny, tiny, miniscule percentage of people compared to the number of regular American citizens who have killed each other with guns, yes, terrorists are pretty scary.

And there is no federal law preventing convicted or suspected terrorists from purchasing or owning as many guns as they want.

The Orlando shooter had been investigated by the FBI twice for connections to ISIL, currently the largest terrorist organization in the Middle East. It was known that he was a terrorist sympathiser with ties to radical jihadists.

And he was allowed to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle. I don’t know if he had to undergo a background check or not, but even if he did, his record as a terrorist sympathiser would not have legally prevented him from buying that gun.

So maybe it is about terrorists. But it’s also about guns.

But maybe you think it’s not about guns, it’s about mental health.

Except that there is no law preventing people from mental health issues, even violent ones, from purchasing or owning guns. There are no laws preventing people on psychotropic medications from purchasing or owning guns.

Please understand, and let me be crystal clear about this: this statement is not meant to stigmatize mental illness or people who take medication to handle it.

But we have laws that state you cannot drink and drive, because we know alcohol inhibits brain function and makes you a danger on the road.

And we have black box labels on many mental health drugs warning of suicidal or homicidal ideation—yet people on these medications are still able to purchase and own firearms.

Violent ideation is a bad enough problem to have to deal with without the ease of an incredibly violent weapon in the home.

Most gun deaths in America are suicides, and successful suicide rates skyrocket when a gun is entered into the equation.

So maybe it is about mental health. But it’s also about guns.

But maybe you think it’s not about guns. Maybe you think it’s about gun education. An incredible number of gun deaths in America are accidental.

Yet every time we try to pass federal laws requiring gun training in order to purchase and own firearms, such measures are blocked by the gun lobby, led by the NRA.

The NRA is owned by the gun manufacturers. They don’t want barriers to entry on owning a gun. They want to sell product. And so the laws never pass.

None of these laws EVER pass no matter how often we try. Because during his seven years as President, Barack Obama has never once tried to ban or recall guns.

But he and Democrats in Congress have introduced legislation addressing all the points I’ve brought up in this video. And every time, those laws have been blocked by Republicans led by the NRA.

Maybe you didn’t know that. Maybe you weren’t aware that we’ve tried to legislate these problems with common sense solutions. But if so, that’s only because you haven’t been paying attention.

Stop being ignorant about this. It’s not something to be proud of. Solutions do exist. Bad people have prevented them.

So maybe you still don’t think it’s about guns. But you’re wrong. You’re fucking wrong. It’s about guns. I’ll see you on Friday.

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