The Saga of the Realm Keepers Continues

Wyrmspire, Book Two of the Realm Keepers Series

Wyrmspire, by Garrett Robinson and Z.C. Bolger

Wyrmspire (Realm Keepers Volume Two)


The treacherous journey across Midrealm begins

Morrowdust and Athorn are far behind.

Wyrmspire lies ahead.

The Realm Keepers have kept the Free Kingdoms from falling to Chaos — for now. But to secure their victory, they must now travel across Midrealm to rebuild the alliance between human and dragon.

The wyrms have not been seen in centuries. And before the Realm Keepers lie countless leagues of hostile Elves and brutal Trolls, not to mention the countless minions of Chaos.

And that’s assuming the dragons won’t simply eat them when they arrive…

This volume contains Episodes 8-13 of the Realm Keepers series, plus the Book Two Finale — three times the length of a regular episode, told by all six Realm Keepers at once.

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