WYRMSPIRE Is Available For Pre-Order

Hey, guys. I’m back with another new book you can buy. Go figure, huh?


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Wyrmspire is the second volume in the Realm Keepers series. If you don’t know what that is, you probably haven’t read my blog. Like, ever. Realm Keepers is my current epic fantasy series, written for teens and up, that’s co-authored with fellow indie author and life partner Z. C. Bolger (kidding about the life partner part—OR AM I?)

Okay, so this is normally the part where I’d tell you all the awesome stuff you get for pre-ordering. But I’m not going to do that, because it’s already on the pre-order website. Similarly, I’m not going to tell you how pre-orders are only around for a limited time, so BUY NOW, BUY NOW, BUY NOW! Like I’m some douchey online marketer that David W. Wright wishes he could slaughter painfully.

All I want to tell you about this book is that the Realm Keepers series is, seriously, pretty kick-ass. It has characters that you will love spending time with. If you don’t believe me, go check out the reviews section of the first book in the series, Midrealm. There, you’ll hear from other people who have already bought and read the book. I don’t want to sell you on anything. I just want you to listen to other people who have already read it.

Listen, every once in a while, we all just want to sit back, relax and spend our time with a good book. We want to have fun adventures in another world that we can only find on the printed page. And we want to experience things, do things, that we can never do in this boring, hum-drum life of ours.

That’s exactly why I’m writing Realm Keepers.

So, I hope you’ll check the book out and maybe even consider pre-ordering it. Check out the website for all the awesome reasons why you should. And check out those reviews for other people vouching for it.

See you again in a few weeks.

Garrett Robinson

Over 100,000 readers have read and loved Garrett's books, like the fantasy hits Nightblade and Midrealm. He's also a film festival favorite with movies like Unsaid, and a tech guru who posts lots of helpful how-tos for writers and filmmakers over at garrettbrobinson.com.

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