WMM Film Geeks Podcast #23: 2013-10-20

Welcome to today’s episode of the We Make Movies Film Geeks Podcast, hosted by yours truly and co-hosted by Chad Kukahiko! This is one of two official podcasts of the We Make Movies film community which you can find over at WeMakeMovies.org. This week, Ryan D. Thompson, cinephile and ubernerd, joined us.


#wemakemovies trended on Twitter for the first time ever!

This Wednesday night is Improv Night at the Theater Asylum in Hollywood at 7:30pm.

I talked about my shoot yesterday with a whole bevy of awesome WMM people.



Chad briefed us on YouTube’s 3rd quarter earning report and the rise of mobile.

Ryan updated us on the upcoming Jurassic Park 4 (yay…?).

I rehashed my hatred of the industry with a story of Weinstein stealing creative control of a foreign film.

Chad talked about Cinedigm’s acquisition of Gaiam Inc.’s entertainment unit GVE for $51.1 million dollars.

Ryan discussed recent rumors that either Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon Levitt may be playing Ant-Man.

I talked about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and the production problems it’s been having.



Chad went over the paradigm shift of modern entertainment and how people are being less psychotically protective of their content (looking at you, Disney).

Ryan went over cinematic universes and how everyone’s now trying to ape Marvel with (not even fucking kidding) a Universal film universe with the Mummy, Frankenstein and more, all helmed by Van Helsing as played by Tom Cruise.

I discussed ways to get your crew as passionate and invested in your film as you are, leading to a better final product and a more fun set experience.



Ryan told you to sign up for Reddit.

I reinforced the point that you MUST see Gravity.

Chad told us about his recent podcast guest appearance. You should go check it out!

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