What’s Going to Go On, Going On

What’s Going to Go On, Going On

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

So in today’s video, we’re going to attempt to look forward and see what’s on the horizon for Legacy Books, both in the immediate and the more distant future.

My most immediate concern is making sure Legacy Books stays afloat in the next few months. Now, there’s a few financial reasons making that a concern that I can’t and don’t want to get into.

But basically, a lot of my excess mental energy is being spent in coordination with Meghan making sure that everything’s going to be all hunky-dory through August, which is when things should get a little bit easier.

In that time, though, two more books should publish. The first is the Academy Journals Book 3, which should be coming out in July, and then the fifth Nightblade book should come to you in August. SQUEEE!

If any of you are excited about the next Nightblade book, please know that I am JUST as excited, I cannot wait for you to read it, and I hope I’m able to keep productive enough to give it to you on schedule.

But that depends on a couple of things. See, I don’t really like throwing a release date down and then moving heaven and earth to hit it. I’m trying to transition to a model where I write a book to FULL completion before I schedule it for release.

That means the book is DONE-DONE, and the final ebook file is uploaded for pre-order, and paperback and hardcover copies ship to me at least a month before the release date.

That transition is going to be very hard, because I have to earn money in the meantime. So it might not be an immediate thing. It might take me a couple of books to get there.

But once it does, my life as an author and your life as a reader SHOULD be a lot better. Hopefully.

This MIGHT mean that the big umbrella book I wanted to put out at the end of this year has to wait until next year. I really, really hope it doesn’t. But it might.

If it does…ugh, that’s gonna suck. Because you generally don’t want to release a book in January or February, so if I miss December, I might have to push it back until March. And I really don’t want to do that.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to try to be a little more long-term in my thinking, rather than just laying down an arbitrary deadline and then killing myself trying to make it, and ultimately ending up with a book that’s sub-par.

Like, if I’d had this attitude since September, none of the books would need new covers or another edit, but they do now.

Past that, there’s a lot of stuff that SHOULD be done, but isn’t. The first BIG one is a map of the world. I have an Underrealm map, but it’s just for my use as an author. It’s ugly as sin, and useless to a reader.

That’s something readers want. I would want it, if I was a reader. And I need to get it made. It just takes time, and I don’t have a surplus of that right now.

I was also going to start doing live conventions this year, like booths at Comikaze and other comic-type conventions.

With the recent changes, I’m not sure I can do that any more, but I’m going to keep putting together those plans, and then if I’m able to pull them off, great, and if I need to wait another year, I will.

And finally there’s the big, big, long-term expansion plans I have for Legacy Books in the future, like, probably more than a year out.

When I say that I want Underrealm to be the fantasy version of the Marvel universe, I’m not kidding. And what that means exactly is a little too far off to talk about, but I think it’s going to be pretty cool, and I need to start working on it NOW.

So that’s the near and far future of Legacy Books as I see it. Tomorrow’s video is going to be a little weird, just FYI. It’s the last video I made in Austin when I went for the Smarter Artist summit.

I was in Austin at the time, and I was also in Sterling & Stone, so it’s going to be a little confusing if you don’t have that framework. I just didn’t want to waste that video footage, and Hallie did a great job with the edit.

So that’s it for this week, Rebels. I’ll see my patrons with two new videos over the weekend, and for the rest of you, I’ll see you with a new video on Monday.

If you aren’t a patron, but you want to be one, and see the exclusive videos I release every weekend for them, you can pop over to Patreon and give a buck a month. The link’s in the description.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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