What Will Change in 30 Years?

What Will Change in 30 Years?

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

Been a few days since I made a video. Things are busy, as always. Life moves crazy fast and things change day to day.

That point was really illustrated for me today. My daughter’s school made a time capsule and buried it in the ground today. In thirty years, they’re going to have a big ceremony and invite back everyone from the school and dig up the time capsule.

And that just got me thinking—what the heck are things going to be like thirty years from now?

Things change SO FREAKING FAST these days. Who knows if the school will even still be there? It might move locations, like it did ten years ago.

Thirty years ago, my daughter’s school didn’t exist. Thirty years ago, I didn’t exist.

Thirty years ago, we didn’t have the Internet. We barely had computers.

Here’s one thing about the time capsule: my daughter’s school is pre school through high school.

The high school got an iPhone and filled it with video interviews of themselves, where they talked about what they thought the world would be like.

They put the iPhone in the time capsule, along with a charging cord so that they could charge it in the future and watch it back.

Will we even still be using the same electrical outlets thirty years from now? If the iPhone even still works at that point, will they even be able to charge it?

Thirty years ago, 9/11 hadn’t happened yet. I know that for some of you, the way that changed our world might not be totally real to you. So here’s an example.

When I was 15 in 2001, earlier in the year that 9/11 happened, I traveled to Europe.

In Rome I found a store selling Spanish steel weaponry. So I got myself this big old gladiator sword. Full tang and everything.

This thing is HEAVY. And the edge isn’t battle-sharp, but it can cut you. I know because I’ve cut myself on it.

I flew back to America with this sword in my carry-on bag. Airport security opened up the bag and saw the sword and were like, “Um…this is a sword.”

And I said, “Yeah. I got it in Rome. Isn’t it awesome?”

And the security officers kind of looked at each other for a second. And I said—no joke—“Guys, I’m 15. What am I going to do, storm the cockpit with a gladiator sword?”

And they laughed at how ridiculous that was, and they let me board the plane with a yard-long sword in my carry-on baggage.

In today’s world, I would have been thrown into an indefinite detention cell, and I would probably still be there to this day.

From the inside, the way the world changes can be hard to see—until you throw your mind back to how things really were when you were younger.

It just made me think a lot about my life and what’s changed within it. I’m almost thirty years old. I’ve seen a lot of things change in my lifetime. And I’ve seen the rate of that change increase.

Some of those changes were bad. But I think the majority of them have been good. I don’t know if we, meaning America, are improving as a society.

But I do think that we, meaning humanity, are improving as a species. The numbers seem to agree. And if we can just keep it going and not screw up the planet too badly, then in thirty years my daughter can dig up that time capsule and see what she was like when she was only five years old.

Even with all the changes in the world, one thing I’m almost sure of is that in thirty years I’ll still be writing books.

(Did you like that transition there?)

Speaking of which, I just sent out my last back orders of signed books, meaning I’ve got more ready to go out!

All these copies of Mystic are sitting here waiting to be signed and shipped to you, so if you haven’t picked one up already, look for the link in the description.

Thanks for watching, Rebels, and I will see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

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