What the Hell is Garrett Doing? Today’s Vlog. (2014-01-09)

What the Hell is Garrett Doing? Today’s Vlog. (2014-01-09)

Hey everyone, and welcome to What the Hell is Garrett Doing? Here I am! Second day in a row! Yay, right? So let’s start off with what I was supposed to do yesterday and what I actually did yesterday.

My writing goal for yesterday was 8,000 words, and my writing total yesterday was 0 words.

Wa wa waaa.

Yeah, there were a number of contributing factors to that one yesterday, but basically I didn’t get the time to sit down, put my butt in the chair and write, which was kind of messed up.

8,000 words was also made much harder because last night I went to the first seminar of the We Make Movies filmmaking collective, which is a group that I’m part of in Los Angeles. That’s the group that I run the We Make Movies film geeks podcast for, which you can find on my YouTube channel and on iTunes.

And I would love to say that today I’m going to sit down and my first four hours are going to be dedicated to writing so that I can make my writing goal today, damnit, but my daughter needs to go to the doctor. Because after I took her to school yesterday, AFTER the school day, the nurse then said, “Oh, by the way, we need a note from her doctor saying that she’s okay to go back to school.” I’m like, “Uh, okay, you couldn’t have told me that yesterday morning? All right, whatever.” So this morning is going to be dedicated to taking my wife to her doctor’s appointment, because she’s pregnant and we’re going to be having a baby soon. And then while she’s doing that I’ll be taking my daughter to HER doctor to get a note that she’s okay to go back to school.

Let’s look at what I DID get done yesterday. I DID format Namaste for print, so pretty soon you’ll be able to go buy that on Amazon, and you totally should.

I DID fix the links on the Story Telling Podcast website to our actual websites and social media.

And I DID figure out a problem with sending out Episode Thirteen to people who had pre-ordered our book Wyrmspire, so everybody got their Episode Thirteen yesterday. Yaaay! Although I know you’re probably sitting there and saying, “That’s great! But we want the finale, you motherfucker!”

So today’s goal is 8,000 words again.

I still have to deliver two more books to the Flintridge bookstore.

I need to do an audition for an audiobook on ACX. Somebody actually sent me an email asking if I would audition for their audiobook. I’m like, “Well if you like my voice, can I just…can we just do this? Can this happen?”

And I have to post the most recent episode of the Story Telling Podcast, which you can also find on my YouTube channel or over on iTunes.

By the way, the counter in the top right corner of the video is the idea of Simon Cantan, a friend of mine who said, “Why don’t you keep a word count total goal thingy going throughout the year?” So I put that up there, and it’s color coded pretty simply. If the numbers are red, then I’m behind that target. And if the numbers turn green, then I’m ahead of that target. Yaaay!

Oh, one more thing. Yesterday I pulled out my “BP,” and some of you were probably like, “What the hell?” BP is just short for “Battle Plan.” It’s what I call my list of my stuff that I have to do. Because I wish I was going into battle? I guess that’s enough for today. I will see you tomorrow, reporting my 8,000 done words. Peace out, guys.

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