What I’m Excited About

So if you know anything about me, you know Midrealm is coming soon.

There’s a lot of exciting things about that. But for some reason, one thing trumps them all.

The last time I was at my old school for an event, I was hanging around feeling uncomfortable. Then I heard a twelve-year-old kid talking about Iron Man 3. I couldn’t help myself, I jumped into the conversation. And we ended up talking about comic book movies for like fifteen minutes. The kid knew his stuff. Better than I did. In fact he reminded me of myself at that age.

So when Midrealm comes out, he’s going to get handed a copy by my favorite teacher. And with the book will be a note:

Hey. Thanks for talking comic books and movies with me when I was feeling out of my element. You helped an old hangout feel like home again. I hope you enjoy the book. I wrote it for people like you and me.

And that excites me more than any other part of the book release.

Garrett Robinson

Over 100,000 readers have read and loved Garrett's books, like the fantasy hits Nightblade and Midrealm. He's also a film festival favorite with movies like Unsaid, and a tech guru who posts lots of helpful how-tos for writers and filmmakers over at garrettbrobinson.com.

Carl Sinclair
Carl Sinclair

That's awesome Garrett. Nothing like kids to show us that we don't know as much as we think we do. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable geek/nerd on all things comics, SciFi and Fantasy. Just the other day I was geeking out about a couple of new gadgets and a kid who couldn't have been more than like 11 corrected me on one of the specs (as he was nearby.)

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