What Hillary Needs to do NOW #withcaptions

What Hillary Needs to do NOW #withcaptions

Hello, Rebel, and welcome back to my life. So at this point, it is looking very, very likely that Hillary Clinton is going to win the presidential election resoundingly.

This is great news if you like the Constitution, America’s standing in the international community, and a lot of other things that give Americans so many privileges, but I think it’s time we look further.

There are a few issues Clinton needs to address. They are urgent, and they are vital.

And she needs to address them not SO THAT she can win—which is pretty much already going to happen—but because she’s going to win.

Number one is police brutality and specifically racial profiling by police that results in black people being disproportionately killed by police officers.

The black deaths we’ve seen over and over again are disgusting and horrifying, especially since the police officers involved never even go to trial, much less receive verdicts of guilt.

But the problem is even bigger. While the deaths are bad enough, the lack of consequence means that African Americans live in a constant state of fear of the police.

Trump was right (he said for the first and only time in his life) that black people are afraid of getting shot when they walk down the street, but not by criminals—by cops.

And black people—especially black women—are a huge political force without whom Clinton would not be winning this election. The least she can do is release a Day-One plan to address this.

And I don’t mean a legislative plan, I mean a direct, immediate, DAY-ONE plan, which will be in her purview, since the Justice Department is in the Executive Branch.

Elon James White has spoken a lot about this and has taught me a lot. Please find links to his Twitter and YouTube in the description and read—well, basically all of it.

Next is the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s getting worse and worse every day, with the National Guard now assaulting the courageous protesters and no real action being taken to stop them.

Much like with black people, I think America has put Native Americans through quite enough over the last 250 years.

So we don’t need to, quote, “work toward a solution,” we need to STOP this, immediately. And then enact a LONG-term solution to ensure nothing like this ever happens AGAIN.

By the time Clinton is sworn in, it might be too late, and for some reason, Obama has so far tried to steer clear of the issue.

I get that we’re in the middle of an election and it’s not politically advantageous to talk about this, but things are no longer so close that we should let pragmatism stop us from being decent human beings.

And Clinton speaking out about the situation could be the thing that finally prompts real governmental action, since she IS going to be the next President.

Dr. Adrienne Keene has spoken a lot about this and has been an incredible resource for me. Please find her Twitter link in the description and learn more from her.

Next is the LGBT community. American law is not nearly strict enough about defining crimes against non-cishet people as hate crimes and prosecuting them as such.

We have marriage equality—yay—but in so many places non-cishet can still be denied employment, places to live, and services.

Meanwhile trans people, particularly trans people of color, have among the lowest life expectancy in the country because of the oppression they face.

The ultimate solutions are not simple but immediate, simple steps CAN be taken to improve the situation, and they have to be.

Obviously there’s more issues than this to be addressed, but I highlighted these ones for a few specific reasons. First of all—they’re urgent. These are pressing concerns that are affecting lives RIGHT NOW.

But on a broader point, Clinton is going to win this election because America is rejecting Donald Trump’s blatant racism, misogyny and homophobia.

Underprivileged demographics throughout this country—AKA the Obama coalition—are going to give her the Presidency. And that’s great. But it comes with a responsibility.

This is me urging her to do the most she possibly can, IMMEDIATELY, to pay them back—and if you feel she should do the same, spread the word so she knows what we’re expecting from her before she steps into office.

Thank you so much for watching, Rebel. Please do visit the links I referred to earlier—my voice is not the most important one in this conversation, and we should focus on the people at the center of these situations.

And a quick reminder that I’m able to keep YouTubing because of my supporters on Patreon. If you’re one of them—thank you. If you’re not, consider checking out the Patreon link below to find out how you can get extra videos.

And I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

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