What Donald Has Done to My Kids

What Donald Has Done to My Kids

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

It’s a little over a month now since the election, and I don’t know about you, but life’s been pretty different around here.

I’m a person in a place of immense privilege. I don’t have a regular job, I don’t have to worry about confrontations with bosses or coworkers, I don’t even have to worry about extended family if I don’t want to.

But I’ve been trying not to hide behind that privilege. I’ve been trying to be active online with my videos and my Medium articles protesting and speaking out against the horrible things Donald has done even before stepping into office.

His assault on free speech and freedom of the press, his waffling back and forth on whether he’d divest himself of his companies, his totally inadequate solution just a few days ago that he’d hand everything off to his kids.

His solicitation of favors from foreign leaders and his daily diplomatic disasters. Christ, I can’t even imagine what he’s going to do when he’s in office.

My professional life is now composed of two things: my artistic creativity and my political activism. But I have tried to keep politics out of my home life as much as possible.

I am worried enough about my kids’ future—they don’t need to be worried about it, too.

But I am terrified of having a daughter in a country that has elected a sexual predator and a misogynist to the highest office.

I’m terrified that she will be governed by a political party in all three branches of government that has shown nothing but disdain for women’s rights and women’s health.

And I’m terrified of having sons when our commander in chief seems to be an international war waiting to happen.

I am only thankful that they are not old enough for him to draft them to protect one of his international hotels, because I would not put that past him.

But more than that, I’m afraid of them taking on the same ideals that are so prevalent in this country right now.

I’m afraid they will grow up learning and adopting Donald’s racism and misogyny and religious discrimination for themselves.

Just the other day, my daughter told my wife and I that Mexicans were bad people. When we told her that that was completely unacceptable, she broke down crying and said she’d heard it from kids at school, and that they were saying it because Donald was saying it.

That’s the country I have to bring my kids up in now. A country where I have to constantly check to make sure they’re not absorbing rampant, emboldened bigotry.

It’s a country where they could grow up attracted to the policies of the KKK and Neo-Nazis, who now have a powerful political platform.

Never, before this year, did I think this was a real danger. I knew I meant to raise my kids right, and I had no idea how many people I knew that thought bigotry was so acceptable that they would vote for a man who proudly wore it like a badge of honor.

That, by the way, is the primary reason I have been cutting people out of my circles.

I don’t care what they say to me online or in comments, but I will not let them explain to my kids all of their justifications for why they voted for a man who is so patently criminal and corrupt and unethical, and who literally devalues the lives of my family.

But of course, there’s no way to completely eliminate my kids’ exposure to these things, unless I was to cut them off from all outside contact, which would be even worse.

My kids have multiple times come home scared that their friends at school were in danger, or that Donald was going to start a war. And that’s ONLY from what they’re hearing at school, since my wife and I don’t discuss it at home.

And I want to reassure them that it’s all okay and everything’s going to be fine, but it’s hard to do that when I have no confidence whatsoever that everything IS, in fact, going to be fine.

Donald supporters are doubling down on their defense of him, even as he appoints blatant racists and anti-Semites to cabinet positions—people who believe that my wife, her family, and our children, are an inferior race who are corrupting America.

These are the ways Donald has already changed our country, weeks before he’s even taken office.

Like I’ve said before, we have to keep living our lives, but we can’t forget that this is happening.

It cannot become normal. And I, in particular, cannot ignore the fact that it will be so much worse for other people than it is for me, or even for my kids.

We have to keep working against him in every way we can. He has already made life worse for my kids in the present. And I will not let him ruin their future as well.

Thank you for watching, Rebel. Stay safe. I love you. And I will see you on Monday. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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