VLOGANOVEL—Nightblade: Episode Four

VLOGANOVEL—Nightblade: Episode Four

Welcome to the VlogaNovel for Nightblade: Episode Four.

In the past I’ve posted EACH new VlogaNovel video as its own post on this blog. But that cluttered up the feed and turned a lot of people off. So now I’ll just be posting a single post, and updating it with each new video. The video at the top there is the PLAYLIST, so you can watch everything in sequence there. And as for all the written work, you can find that below.

I hope this new format is easier to consume and preferable to the majority of viewers.

We’re starting Nightblade: Episode Four! Here we go!

Garrett Robinson

Over 100,000 readers have read and loved Garrett's books, like the fantasy hits Nightblade and Midrealm. He's also a film festival favorite with movies like Unsaid, and a tech guru who posts lots of helpful how-tos for writers and filmmakers over at garrettbrobinson.com.

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