VLOG: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Stories

VLOG: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Stories

Hello there, Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

Feels weird to be doing this again after a few weeks off. I’m only just recovered from an absolutely insane schedule to finish writing Weremage.

But today I don’t want to talk about what’s been going on recently—I want to talk about something that’s going to happen in the very near future.

On October 14th, I will be in Minneapolis at a convention called Nerdcon: Stories. It’s a convention about storytelling and the communities that form around stories.

It’s kind of a writer’s convention, but it’s kinda not, and it’s also kind of a convention for people who really love books and films and comics and video games, but it’s kind of not.

It sounds like I don’t know what the convention is about—I do. It’s about stories. But to a lot of people, that doesn’t actually mean anything, and that makes me really sad.

Like, for me, it’s enough that this convention was created by Hank Green and Patrick Rothfuss, two incredible storytellers whose work I admire—AND that it’s about storytelling. That makes me want to go.

I know I’ll probably learn a lot about storytelling, which is important to me as a writer.

But I would want to go even if I WASN’T a writer, because before I wrote stories, I read them and watched them and played them.

I’ve always cared about what goes into a story, and how that affects the broader picture of human society.

All of history is essentially one big story, supported (or not) by facts we’ve been able to dig out of the past. And how that story is told, and by whom, influences everything in our lives.

But it seems like me, and other people who feel this way, are in pretty short supply, because Nerdcon: Stories’ attendance is low enough that it looks like they might not have the convention again next year.

I can’t even really explain how upset this makes me. I tried, though, in a really long and mostly whiny Tumblr post.

I thought this convention was a surefire success. But apparently, the lack of enough really big names in attendance means that people don’t consider it to be very valuable.

So I have decided that I am going to do A Thing, capital A, capital T, in an attempt—probably a useless one—to encourage more people to go to the convention.

And if it doesn’t get more people to go, it’s still something I want to do for people who were gonna go anyway, because they feel the same way I do about storytelling.

If you get your ticket to Nerdcon: Stories, let me know. We can meet up there if you want, or you can just tell me about it afterwards, and I’m going to create a new, special book for you—and only for you.

I will never sell this book online or in person. It will only go to the people who attend this year’s Nerdcon: Stories convention.

In the book will be two novellas set in the world of Underrealm. If you’re a fan of Underrealm, the stories will blow your socks off. I promise.

They’re crossover stories, one between Loren from the Nightblade Epic and Ebon from the Academy Journals, and one between Loren and Mag from Tales of the Wanderer, an upcoming Underrealm series you’ve already heard about.

In addition to the novellas I’m also going to include a whole butt-ton of essays and entries about backstory.

We’re talking character profiles, stories from Underrealm’s history, all kinds of bonus content about Underrealm you’ve never heard before.

The book will also have a map! The best quality map I can make, based off of the map I use when I’m writing the books.

And finally, it will have a master timeline—THE master timeline, the one that I use while I’m writing the series to keep all the events in order.

That’s a whole lot of stuff. It’s going to be at least a hundred pages of bonus content—maybe two hundred, maybe more.

I can’t tell you for sure WHEN you’ll get it—I only just came up with this idea, I have to get a cover made, I have to compile it, etc. etc. But I will do it as soon as I possibly can.

If you can’t make it to Nerdcon: Stories for financial reasons or whatever—I DO understand. I was in that boat last year. The content in the book WILL be available in other places, in other formats.

But it won’t ever be compiled all in one place like this. The two short stories and the cover will NEVER be in print anywhere else. So … call it the ultimate collector’s item.

Because again—storytelling is really important to me. This convention is really important to me. More important than I can properly convey here, because I’m better at writing words than I am at saying them.

And it would be really great to meet and share part of my stories with other people who feel the same way.

Thank you so much for watching, Rebels. I appreciate your time, I appreciate your support, I appreciate your love of stories and storytelling. And I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

Oh, also, there’s a discount code for the convention! If you use the code DFTBA at checkout, you get 20% off the ticket. Okay bye!

Garrett Robinson

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