VLOG: So How About This Weather We’re Having?

VLOG: So How About This Weather We’re Having?

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

The new schedule I talked about yesterday worked great! I got some writing done, got some other work done, it’s good. It’s good to feel organized.

Now we’re going for day two on this rainy day in Los Angeles, where I am sitting in my office freezing.

Now before you talk about how much worse the weather is wherever you are, remember two things:

One, I know it’s worse where you are. There’s a thing called a polar vortex slamming the northern United States right now, and it’s hitting people with weather more commonly seen in, like, the North Pole.

Two, Remember that every place where humans lived is designed, more or less, to resist the natural disasters that affect that region.

Like Kansas homes are usually built with tornado shelters, or at least basements, which are hardly ever part of homes in Southern California.

So when we get hit with a tornado, which we WERE four days ago, we’re likely to freak out just a little bit.

Kind of like how you’d probably feel if you were suddenly hit with a magnitude 5 earthquake, which for us here in L.A. is called every Tuesday.

Our roads and buildings are designed to resist earthquakes and extreme heat, but those same designs make them extremely ill-fitted for dealing with intense rain and storms.

Which is why everyone in Los Angeles freaks straight the eff out every time there’s, like, an inch of rain coming down.

Four-wheel drive cars are less common here because they use more gas, and we drive a LOT, so getting a two-wheel drive car saves us a LOT of money every year.

But that means that when the roads get slick when it rains, like, three days a year, we start kind of sliding all over the place.

There’s another reason California isn’t designed for rain, but this one is kind of nature’s fault.

The soil of California is desert soil. It’s very dry and usually very fine, not very loamy at all like the kind of thing you’d find in the more foresty or grasslandy regions of the U.S.

So when a bunch of rain suddenly hits all that dirt at once we get mudslides. They’re extremely frequent in Los Angeles when it rains, and in this storm we’ve already had several slides that have destroyed tons of homes.

Firefighters and other emergency personnel are busting their butts out there right now trying to keep everyone safe and dry, so big thanks to them for that.

The name meteorologists have come up with for this weather pattern that’s slamming us right now? Get this: the Pineapple Express.

Meteorologists, apparently, are as awesome at naming things as historians are terrible at it.

The Pineapple Express is hitting most of the west coast, Oregon and Washington are affected as well. They’re actually getting it WORSE than we are, but again, their entire civilization is kind of built around handling rainy weather and storms.

We always get these reminders from mother nature saying, “Hey, you may be the most complex life form on Earth right now, but I will still whip up a thunderstorm and end you,” and that can be frightening. But we do get better at dealing with it all the time.

So wherever you are out there in the world, Rebels, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, stay safe, stay warm, curl up with a book, and give mother nature the finger until she decides to leave us alone again.

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And I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.


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