VLOG: Merry Christmas, Rebels

VLOG: Merry Christmas, Rebels

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

I’m not sure if you celebrate, but yesterday was Christmas, and I just had a really lovely day with my family.

We started of course with the opening of presents. Some of us earlier than others. My son Luke woke up before anyone else and had unwrapped about six gifts before we all came down. One of them was even his.

There’s nothing like Christmas morning as a parent. Your whole life for many weeks, in some cases many months, has all been spent and planned around this moment. And the gifts from Santa are especially wonderful, because those are often the biggest and most important presents that they wanted more than anything else.

That Santa, man. He’s a heck of a guy.

My wife and I were so excited for Christmas morning that we stayed up until about 3:00am on Christmas Eve. So that made Christmas very fun.

I got some pretty cool things, too. Some of which is on that couch back there.

In particular I want to call attention to this unbelievably badass Tyrion Lannister action figure. There’s six in the series and I particularly want to pick up Daenerys Targaryen, but Tyrion is, of course, my favorite character in anything ever.

And from my wife I got this book of Hans Christien Anderson’s complete fairy tale collection.

This is just a gorgeous book, by the way, everything about it is absolutely frigging beautiful.

Most importantly, though, I got a second monitor for my computer, as you can now see here.

I’ve never had a personal computer with two monitors and Santa was very gracious this year to bring me a second one. It will make editing this video much easier.

My dad also got me this hilarious T-shirt which will no doubt be making an appearance in a lot of future vlogs.

In fact, let’s try this. Movie magic!

Holy crap. That worked.

Of course, Christmas isn’t really about presents. It’s about the time we spend with our families and my wife and I got our first real day off in a long, long time.

We went out with the kids into the frigid 60 degree Los Angeles winter, visited friends for breakfast, and generally just spent the whole day doing whatever they wanted to do.

It was a wonderful time, and I wish we could do that every single day, but of course then such experiences might lose their luster.

By which I mean that my children are very rambunctious and if my wife and I spent all day every day with them we might literally die of exhaustion.

Rebels, my family is very important to me, the most important thing in my life, in fact…but I’m very, very attached to my online family as well, and that means all of you.

2014 has been a hell of a year in many respects—financially, professionally and personally I’ve gone through some rough patches.

But for the most part I’ve been able to do what I love to do when I love to do it, and that includes my books and making videos to share with all of you.

So in the spirit of Christmas, I just want to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to you for sticking around, for putting up with me when I get lax on my videos and my books, and for giving me the gentle kick in the butt I need to get back on track.

Whatever your faith and wherever you live, I hope your year has been filled with joy and I wish you peace and propserity as we move into a new one.

Thanks for watching, Rebels, and I’ll see you Monday with more Hobbit videos. Maybe. Byyye.


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