VLOG: Do Everything

VLOG: Do Everything

Good morning, Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

I’ve talked before about feeling overwhelmed with all the things I’m doing and all the things I need to do and everything that’s going on all the time.

Right now I’m behind on my writing, I’m not vlogging every weekday like I should be, Vloganovel is sporadic and Garrett’s Games certainly doesn’t have the viewership I’d love for it to have.

And NONE of these things, nor all of them combined are providing my full income so I take editing jobs to finish paying the bills, and that time just eats even more into all my other time like my writing time and YouTube time and gaming time.

It can be frustrating because no one avenue is where I want it to be…yet.

People love to chime in with advice and tell me I’d be happier if I took it down a notch and just focused on one or two things instead of trying to do fifty things at once.

The general advice seems to be to do one thing well rather than two things poorly.

Writers get this same advice, we’re usually told not to genre hop because if you write consistently in one genre you’ll get an audience faster than if you try to write in multiple genres one book after another.

I’m not good about following that advice either, I guess. I’ve published thrillers, horror, comedy, literary fiction, contemporary sci-fi and a lot of fantasy.

Maybe you’re starting out and you’re facing a similar decision and it seems like a good idea to you to just do one thing.

And here’s the thing: it probably is. But you know what? Don’t feel bad if you can’t.

I am not the sort of person who can just sit down and do one thing all day every day. If I were like that, I’d still be working a nine-to-five job.

I need to do all the different things I do because otherwise I’ll get bored, and if you think my quality suffers now from doing too much, you can’t imagine how much it would tank if I didn’t do enough.

I know this because I have been down that road. I know where it ends. And I know that’s not where I want to be.

(Super high fives if you get that reference).

So if you’re the type of person who can’t just do one thing all the time all day every day—and let’s face it, if you’re an artist or an online entrepeneur, you probably are—then don’t. Do everything. Do EVERYTHING.

Make your art and play your games and get out in the world and hang out with friends.

Start a YouTube channel. Heck, start three.

Do the best you can with everything you do. Never release something you’re not proud of, but don’t fail to release something just because it isn’t “Perfect.”

Just realize that this is going to be a long, hard road (hehe, “long and hard”) and don’t complain about how little you’re making right now because you know you’ll get there eventually and it will be better because of the journey.

Because here’s the other danger if I were to cut it all down to one thing: I’d get used to it.

If I trained myself to only write all day every day, then what would happen when the writing was successful and I wanted to branch out into YouTube and filmmaking?

I’d have built a life for myself that includes no multitasking and I’d be very very bad at it. And I don’t want to do only one thing for the rest of my life, even if it’s something I enjoy.

So even as I try to keep ten balls in the air all at once (hehe, balls) I’m getting better and better at it. I’m getting more organized, I’m producing more, and everything I produce is getting me a little bit closer to where I want to be.

If you want to help me get there faster, I’d really love it if you could check out my Patreon page in the video description below.

Honestly, the editing I have to do on the side is my biggest timesuck and if it weren’t for that I’d have more than enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do plus spend time with my family.

But if you can’t, don’t worry about it. I WILL get there eventually.

Speaking of doing everything at once, quick reminder, this Friday I’m uploading my Project for Awesome video for the charity Empower Tanzania and I will need your views and your likes.

Please subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss it and don’t forget to check out the channel this Friday around noon. This is very important and you’ll be helping a lot of people in developing Africa.

Thanks for watching, Rebels, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

Over 100,000 readers have read and loved Garrett's books, like the fantasy hits Nightblade and Midrealm. He's also a film festival favorite with movies like Unsaid, and a tech guru who posts lots of helpful how-tos for writers and filmmakers over at garrettbrobinson.com.

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