This Week’s Creations (24 November 2014)

This Week’s Creations (24 November 2014)

This page is for my Patreon patrons, letting them know what I’ve been up to in the past week in terms of artistic output.

First of all, sorry for slacking off the last couple of weeks on posting my creations to you guys. Things got hectic, as they often do, and I fell behind on the administrative side of my life.

I won’t overwhelm you with THREE weeks’ worth of production, so here’s just what I did in the last seven days. If you’re a patron, I hope you enjoy them.

(If you’re not a patron, why not consider it? For only $5.00 a month, you’ll get EVERY BOOK I publish, when I publish it. Even just with my Nightblade series, that saves you money. When you factor in my other books, it’s quite a bargain. You can sign up here).





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