The Truth Can Be Known.

The Truth Can Be Known.

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

I find myself thinking about the truth a lot these days.

I feel like a really terrifying idea has become pervasive in our society, and that’s that the truth is some mysterious thing that we can’t actually know.

We hear about Facebook bubbles where everyone only hears things that agree with what they already believe and fake news stories get picked up and shared and can’t be disproven.

There’s so much information flying around that it can be overwhelming and confusing and we don’t know what to believe.

I think there’s undeniably a problem in the media. No doubt. But in my observation, there’s also a massive problem in how we search for the truth.

Very few people go to the source of information to find out the truth for themselves. They mostly only hear the opinions of others.

I don’t know if the media used to put sources in front of us more often, or if that’s something that’s changed.

I only know that watching news programs or reading news sites usually just means getting an interpretation of something that happened, and maybe an out-of-context video clip.

I have had many close friends and family wildly criticize a particular policy that was part of Hillary Clinton’s platform.

Most of them never actually read the policy. They only heard what someone else had to say about it.

And NONE of them had read Donald Trump’s policies on his own website, and realized that his own policy on the same subject was the same or worse.

Meanwhile, I had several people tell me to my face that Donald Trump never said he was in favor of a national Muslim registry and that he would absolutely never require Muslims to wear a badge identifying them as Muslim.

Of course, they found me a little hard to convince, since I saw Donald Trump say on camera that he WAS in favor of the registry and would not rule out an identifying badge.

I read the entire policy platforms of Clinton and Trump. I watched every minute of every debate.

I watched many, many of their rallies from beginning to end. I read Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails.

I often get accused of believing everything the liberal media tells me. The funny thing is, I don’t even watch the media, liberal or otherwise.

People are entitled to their own opinions. But they’re not entitled to spout lies and misinformation and then to feel insulted when I call them a liar.

And also, it’s not my job or obligation to educate anyone.

Many people have asked me, “Well if you know the facts, why don’t you tell people about them?”

First of all—I often do. I’ve spent many, many fruitless hours doing exactly that.

Second of all—you can’t get a clean fact from me any more than you can get it from a news pundit on TV. It’s YOUR job to look at the source of the information and determine facts from that.

That’s real life friends, but it applies to the internet, too.

If you watch my videos, I assume you want to know my opinion on certain things, and I’m happy to give you that opinion.

But I certainly hope you don’t take everything I say as the unvarnished truth. It’s your job, just like it’s mine, to look at the source of data to learn the truth for yourself.

I’ve been cutting some people out of my life recently. Do I think they’re inherently bad people? No. Do I think they hate me? No.

But if their actions have been to spread lies and misinformation, and to hold on to opinions even in the face of contrary facts, then they’re just not someone I want around me.

No amount of facts will convince them to cast aside their prejudices—and I know, because I’ve tried.

And if they’ll act on false information, what can I expect them to do if they hear false information about me?

This is not a hypothetical scenario, by the way. Somebody I once thought was a friend began to spread a lie about me.

Fortunately, two of the people who heard it were the type of people to evaluate data in a sane way.

They came to me, I confronted the person who had done the lying, and the situation seemed resolved.

Now you might expect, and I certainly expected, the person would change their behavior and start dealing more in the truth, and not in lies and opinion. But they didn’t.

And if that’s the case now, what’s it going to be like as my author career continues to grow? And as I start making films again, and my public profile increases?

We should all seek to live with the truth, because those who don’t are at least bad influences, and at the worst, they’re actually dangerous.

I’m not going to keep people around me who either invent lies and misinformation or spread it without even checking to see if it’s true.

Maybe some truths can’t ever be known, like, what happened to Amelia Earhart.

But when the facts are right there to be seen, and someone won’t even look, especially when the subject is so important, they’re just not someone I consider safe to have around.

You can know the truth. And as citizens of this planet, when our decisions can impact so many other people, it’s kind of our job.

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see my patrons tomorrow, and I will see the rest of you on Monday. Byyye.

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