The Ninjabread Man—Get It While It’s Cheap

Okay, so a new book came out yesterday, and I can’t lie to you—it’s FUCKING AWESOME.

Yes, it's THAT badass

Shit-house crazy and shit-house awesome

So, there’s a chance you already know the story of this book, but in case you don’t, I’ll give you the thirty-second recap. Good friend, fellow indie author and podcast co-host Z.C. Bolger came to me one day with an idea for a podcast episode. Our podcast is The Story Telling Podcast (if you don’t listen to it, you really, really should and can do so by clicking on this link:

He wanted to brainstorm a story idea, and then write and publish it immediately (i.e. before someone else could steal it, since we’d be broadcasting the fucking thing on our podcast). When I asked him what the story idea was, he said two words that had me hooked: “Ninjabread Man.”

What followed was an epic podcast episode that had me quite literally falling off of my chair laughing. And that laughter continued all the way through the writing of the book, the editing and now the publishing.

It’s totally fucking amazing. You should totally get it. AND, it’s released at $0.99 for just a few days, after which it goes up to $2.99. So if you buy it RIGHT NOW, you save yourself a couple of bucks for a pants-shittingly hilarious book (with a whole lot of epicness, too).

You can find it on Amazon by clicking the book cover above, or by visiting this link:

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