The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Film Review, Part 5

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Film Review, Part 5

Good morning Rebels and welcome back to my life, Merry Christmas Eve if you happen to celebrate, and I hope you’re having a great day.

Let’s start talking about what was great about The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, because there was a lot to love in this movie. So much.

Obviously, major movie spoilers coming up here.

We’ve got to do our first video on the most epic, the most awesome, the best and coolest thing ever: the moment when the White Council confronted Sauron in the ruins of Dol Guldur and drove him out of Mirkwood.

The White Council, as I’m sure you know, is composed of the wisest people in Middle-earth: Saruman, Gandalf, Elron and Galadriel—and the most narcotic individual in Middle-earth: Radagast the Brown.

I’m calling it right now: this was the best part of all the Hobbit films. The moment I was looking forward to seeing ever since I first found out they were including it in the films.

There’s a lot of backstory to this scene, and even more if you’ve read all the books.

Because by this point in the story, the Council have already begun to suspect that Sauron has returned, though Saruman tries to deny it.

But this battle removes any doubt after the Nazgul rise up to attack them.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I freaking loved this fight scene. Because we KNOW that Elrond and Saruman are badass, but we’ve never seen them UNLOAD like this.

I think this fight scene was handled much better than, say, Yoda’s fight scene in the Star Wars prequels, which felt out of character.

This fight scene was an expansion on what we had already seen of these two mighty figures in Middle-earth, and some indication of exactly WHY everyone treats them with such reverence and respect.

But…but but but…the fight against the Nazgul is NOTHING compared to what happens when Sauron shows up.

Because Saruman and Elrond are still ready to throw down…but then the heavy hitter steps up to the plate.

Holy crap. Galadriel.

See, if you haven’t read ALL the books AND the appendices AND the Silmarillion, you might not understand just HOW badass Galadriel truly is.

Galadriel is, quite simply, the most powerful elf in the history of the world, with the possible exception of Feanor.

She first encountered Sauron in the Second Age of the World when he was disguised as a powerful Elf, and she immediately distrusted him.

She was the one who told the ring-maker, Celebrimbor, to hide the Elven rings from Sauron, so she’s the reason the Elves never fell.

Otherwise Rivendell and Lothlorien would have been reduced to rubble centuries before Bilbo was even born.

And because Gandalf wielded the Elven ring of fire and that’s why he was able to unite the good races of Middle-earth against Sauron to defeat him, GALADRIEL IS THE WHOLE REASON THE GOOD GUYS WIN THE ENTIRE DAMN WAR.

So the best part of Galadriel in this scene is her hatred—her abject LOATHING of Sauron.

Cate Blanchett is of course just one of the best actresses in the business. And when she hulked out on Sauron…goddamn, my heart skipped a beat.

But there was an interesting choice in this scene that I want to call attention to, and that’s that Galadriel wasn’t even remotely tempted by Sauron’s offer. Not even a little bit.

Yet in the Lord of the Rings when she’s offered the One Ring of Power, that’s a temptation. Why?

Well, Galadriel has always been prideful, and has always been attracted to power. She came to Middle-earth in the first place because she wanted to rule.

And she knows that without the Ring, Sauron is a weak shell of himself, robbed of the main source of his strength.

So that when Sauron offers her a place of power by his side, her reaction in this scene is a big fat FU. An utter dismissal, because he’s just not powerful enough for her.

That makes this one of the coolest moments, not only in this film, but the entire Hobbit trilogy, and maybe the Lord of the Rings films as well.

That’s it for now, tomorrow I’ll be doing some kind of Christmas video, but after that we’ll get back to talking about the Hobbit.

Thanks for watching, Rebels, check out my Patreon link in the description for the best way to get my books, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

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