The Day Has Arrived

The Day Has Arrived

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

It’s today. Today is the day, therefore mathematically speaking, the day is today.

After I put up my video yesterday, something very important happened.

Here it is! It’s Mystic! I got it!

It’s so…it’s just SOOO pretty, you guys. Even prettier than Nightblade, I think, and that was SO my favorite book.

*Suspicious look* So…yeah. It’s live on the Amazon store, and you can get it by clicking on the cover right…right…*looks around*…right here.

A few people have already read the ebook, and the reaction to the ending has been pretty fantastic. It’s a bit of a jaw-dropper, and I’m not gonna lie: I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m already hard at work on the third book in the series, Darkfire, and if you’re on my email list you got to see the cover in high resolution in your email inbox today.

And if you’re not on my email list, why not? It’s super easy to sign up and I only send you cool stuff, like book deals, and giveaways.

Anyway, back to Mystic.

In this book, Loren is pulled back and forth by multiple forces in her life. She’s caught up with a criminal trying to escape justice and a lawman trying to stop a coming war.

There’s also other characters who have their own, more selfish agendas, who just kind of mess things up for everyone.

Loren herself is an outlaw—at the very least, a wannabe outlaw, and so she doesn’t have many moral quandaries about siding with the guy who’s broken the law.

But at the same time she’s a very moral person who knows right from wrong, and she doesn’t want to hurt people.

In particular she has a firm moral stance against killing. That is the one line she won’t cross, and of course, most of the world doesn’t share that view.

Even her friends on occasion are like, “You know, it would be a whole lot easier if we just slit that guys throat,” and Loren’s like, “Nuh uh, not gonna do it.”

Part of what I wanted the book to explore, or talk about, or make the reader think about, is the possibility that there is no one right answer for everything, no one moral code that will solve all our problems.

Stealing is a bad thing, but is it ever justified? Is killing ever justified? That’s way worse than thievery, but what if one death will prevent a thousand more?

These are classic moral questions—but they’re questions we still don’t have answers to. And they trouble our world and our society every day.

We have all done things and questioned whether we committed a harmful act or not. And we’ve all been part of some group, even if it was just our country, that did some things we would never have even dreamed of doing.

And we’ve condemned those actions—but have we ever gone the extra mile to make sure they never happen again? And if we haven’t are we complicit in that wrongdoing?

Have we swept it under the rug and forgotten about it, and if so, can we really claim to stand on higher moral ground than the person who committed the act?

Anyway, that sounds like pretty deep stuff for a fun fantasy novel, but it’s really exciting, too! Fireballs and sword fights and noble cavalry charges. All the good stuff.

I hope you’ll check it out. The link to get a signed paperback copy is in the description, and if you get that, the Kindle version is FREE so you can start reading it RIGHT NOW.

Thanks for watching, Rebels, thank you for your support while I wrote this book, and thank you for waiting patiently for the next one. I will see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

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