The Best Dollar You’ll Spend Today

The Best Dollar You’ll Spend Today

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

Okay, you remember how I’ve been telling you for a couple of weeks that a big surprise sale day was coming up? Well, today is that day!

Today you can get every single book in my entire library for only $0.99 each, which, let’s face it, is kind of a big deal.

What that means in terms of numbers is that you can pick up all my books, totalling more than a million words of indie fiction, for just nine bucks when normally it would cost you fifty.

You can click on this link right here for a page where you can see ALL my books listed out with links to buy them on every ebook platform where they’re available, so GO CHECK THEM ALL OUT.

Now let’s say you’ve already read my books, or most of  them anyway. What’s in this sale for you?

Today at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time I’m going to send out an email to people on my email list, as well as to my patrons on, and in that email is going to be a share button for the sale.

Anyone who clicks on that button is going to get two EXCLUSIVE ebooks set in the Realm Keepers universe that aren’t available for sale anywhere else. Only a few dozen people have ever read them, EVER.

So if you want to get those two ebooks you can’t read any other way, you want to go to the description below this video and either sign up for my mailing list, or become a patron on

But for the rest of you, the people who haven’t read all my books or who have only read one or two, let me give you a quick recap of each of my books so you can decide which one piques your interest the most.

Touch: Trilogy, by Garrett Robinson for only $0.99

Click to get it for $0.99

The very first book I ever wrote was called Touch: Trilogy. It was based on a short film I made years ago about a girl named Sally who could see people’s thoughts when she touched their skin.

The process is very invasive and she usually doesn’t like what she sees in their heads, so she lives a very reclusive life trying to avoid all human contact, but she does have one neighbor in her apartment building who’s very nice to her.

One day that neighbor is killed and the cops can’t figure out what happened, and Sally decides to use her power to search for the murderer on her own, beginning a journey that will teach her a lot about herself and her gift, but also about other people.

Non Zombie, by Garrett Robinson for only $0.99

Click to get it for $0.99

After I published that book and it was more popular than I had expected, I decided to branch out a little bit. I don’t generally like the horror genre, but I’d just seen Zombieland and wanted to try something in the zombie comedy arena.

So I wrote Non Zombie about a nerd named Cliff who’s doing REALLY well in the zombie apocalypse because he’s seen every zombie movie ever, so he knows the drill.

Cliff’s been a fat nerd all his life and people have made fun of him for it, but now those people are zombies and he gets to cut their heads off with an axe, so…that’s fun.

But one day while protecting his only son from a zombie attack, Cliff gets bit and figures his life is over…but when he turns into a zombie, for some reason he can still think.

So Cliff and his wife and son have to figure out what happened to him and, hopefully, find a cure.

Non Zombie was followed up by Non Zombie II and, one day, will be followed by Non Zombie III.

Hit Girls, by Garrett Robinson for only $0.99

Click to get it for only $0.99

After those two books I novelized an idea I’d had for a TV series. I’ve always been really intrigued by the idea of innocent-looking teen girls who were raised in circumstances that made them…a little bit crazy.

Whether you’re talking Natalie Portman in The Professional or, more appropriately, Mindy Macready from Kick-Ass, psychotic teenage girls are just good entertainment, man.

So Hit Girls is about a young girl named Nikki who witnesses the brutal murder of both her parents and goes a little nuts.

Conveniently, her older sister Jessie just so happens to be an assassin, so Nikki trains up and together the two of them go hunting for the people who killed their parents.

Midrealm, by Garrett Robinson and Z.C. Bolger for only $0.99

Click to get it for only $0.99

Right after that I started working with my oldest friend Z.C. Bolger. Zach had already written a book for kids to really great reception and reviews, and we wanted to do a project together.

I was a super huge fan of the Animorphs series of books when I was a kid, and I wanted to try an idea like that in the fantasy genre.

So the Realm Keepers series was born, and we wrote two books called Midrealm and Wyrmspire starring six mismatched high school kids who travel to another world to become wizards and save a kingdom.

There’s evil and magic and romance and dragons and it’s basically like The Breakfast Club meets Harry Potter.

Rebel Yell, by Garrett Robinson for only $0.99

Click to get it for only $0.99

Now at this point I’d been working exclusively as an independent artist for two years, and I’d learned a lot about independent art as opposed to industry art, which I also used to dabble in back in my freelance filmmaking days.

I also wanted to write something more serious and literary, and I’d had an idea for a band movie for a long, long time.

So I took seven months off from writing fantasy and sci-fi and wrote the literary novel Rebel Yell, about an indie rock singer-songwriter in L.A. named Steve who’s offered a record deal and the chance of a lifetime—to work with Hayley Savage, the lead singer of the biggest rock band in the world.

But of course, the industry isn’t interested in Steve’s talent, only in the money they can make off of him, and he’s forced to ride a fine line between what he wants to achieve as a musician and what the label wants him to do as a business enterprise.

Nightblade, by Garrett Robinson for only $0.99

Click to get it for only $0.99

After Rebel Yell I was ready to return to fantasy, and I’d had a big, epic fantasy series I’d been planning almost since I first started writing.

But I didn’t feel like I was ready to write it yet. I didn’t know enough about my world, and the backstory wasn’t all there.

So I started a different fantasy series in the same world, called Nightblade, to help introduce myself and my readers to the nine kingdoms where my epic fantasy would take place.

Nightblade is about Loren, a clever girl raised in a small forest village by abusive parents, who’s always dreamed of running away to become a world-famous thief and right society’s wrongs—a sort of Robin Hood type character.

But when she does manage to escape from home in the company of a fugitive wizard, she finds out that she’s actually kind of terrible at being a thief.

And in trying to start her life of crime, Loren attracts the attention of not only the king’s law, but various other elements of the criminal underworld, and her life becomes a flight from danger to danger just trying to stay alive.

Nightblade was shortly followed by Mystic, the second book in the series, and every weekday on my VlogaNovel channel you can see me working on the third book in the series, Darkfire.

So that’s it! That’s the entire book library, three years of work, one million words, and all available today for only a buck each—nine bucks total, and less than 20% of what the books would cost at full price.

Click here to see them all listed out with links to get them on Kindle and iBooks and Kobo and everywhere else.

I hope you’ll check out a few of them—or all of them, I won’t stop you—and again, if you’ve already read some or all of the books, you can still get the exclusive Realm Keepers ebooks that you can’t find anywhere else by joining my email list or being a patron on

Enjoy your reading, Rebels, and, even though tomorrow’s Saturday, because this is April I WILL see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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