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Mystic by Garrett Robinson



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A girl on a path to infamy. A mage on a path to darkness.

Loren has begun her journey to becoming the woman of her dreams: Nightblade, a warrior of the darkness and a champion of the light. But her adventures have nearly cost her life, and now she searches for her lost friends in the Land of Selvan.

Beside her rides a Mystic named Jordel, a mysterious figure who seems to know more about Loren than she would wish—and something about the mysterious dagger she stole from her parents. But Jordel is not the only Mystic in the nine lands, and Loren has much to learn about his order—not all of it for the good.

And in the heart of one of her closest allies, a terrible darkness is growing…

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Page Count: 410

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Darkfire, by Garrett Robinson



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A flight from danger lands Loren in even greater peril.

Xain’s madness has branded Loren and her friends, and even Jordel, fugitives from not only the king’s law but Jordel’s order of Mystics. Now their only hope lies in a hidden stronghold far to the north of the kingdom of Selvan.

Now that their steps are hounded, they must take an even more dangerous route through the Greatrock Mountains to the west. But more than Mystics and constables will pursue them, as dark creatures stalk them from the shadows of high peaks, and the presence of a mysterious foe known only as “The Lord” looms over them.

And in the darkness of his shadow, one traveler’s journey will end forever.

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Page Count: 430

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The Nightblade Epic: First Trilogy Box Set

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