STP 016—Writing Fantasy

Continuing our “genre-a-week” series, this week we discussed Fantasy: what it is, how to write it, and all the different forms it takes.


We came to a general consensus that fantasy primarily has to explain things that can’t be explained by physical laws; in other words, things that are supernatural or magical.


Thing with fantasy is it can take place anywhere and in any time. There’s historical fantasy, epic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, futuristic fantasy (Star Wars, anyone?).


The live audience interaction on this show was off the charts, and while it did somewhat distract us during the actual broadcast, it was well worth it for the Twitter shitstorm that followed, and I’m extremely proud to endorse a little podcast that should be starting next week, hosted by Carl Sinclair, where they will do a follow-up podcast…ABOUT this podcast. Sound dumb? We all agreed, Carl included—BUT IT ALSO SOUNDS TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

Give it a listen, won’t you? Or watch the video here:

Garrett Robinson

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