Putting your best foot forward as you release your book


Congratulations on picking the Square One package! You picked this package because you’ve got a book written and edited, and you also have a cover.

I’m going to help you take that book to publication in ebook, paperback and—if you want—hardcover. It will look great, and it’ll have a good shot at attracting readers.


(Keep reading for how we’re going to do it).

Garrett Robinson: Square One Package Formatting and Editing


Contact me using the form below. Tell me a little bit about your book, including any details about how quickly you want to publish it. (If you need to publish it in 48 hours, that’s not impossible—I just need to know). Make sure to tell me if you want to publish in hardcover as well (remember, that’s an additional $100).


I’ll reply within 24 hours requesting your manuscript and cover. My turnaround time for formatting is always within 48 hours. You’ll get ebook files to publish your book on all platforms, as well as print PDFs. I’ll send you my invoice at that point, as well. Don’t worry, there’s no rush—if you have corrections or tweaks, you tell me and I will get them done immediately.


Once the book is done and you’re ready to get publishing, we’ll work on your book blurb. You’ll send me what you’ve got, and I’ll work on it for you. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a snappy blurb that will draw readers in. Finally, we’ll set up a time for a Skype call, and I’ll walk you through publishing your book online to every platform you want to publish on—including print.

That’s how we’ll get your book published—now take the first step! Contact me using the form below and let’s get publishing your book TODAY.

Square One Submission