So You Gave Donald A Chance.

So You Gave Donald A Chance.

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

So are we done giving Donald a chance yet?

In the lead-up to the election, speaking—or, let’s be honest, arguing—with people who I’d thought were relatively clear-headed and intelligent up to that point, “give him a chance” was a common refrain.

The other was that despite the fact that he said he wanted to do criminal things, and despite the fact that they believed him, they didn’t think he’d actually be able to do so because the Constitution wouldn’t let him.

Because yeah. Let’s vote for someone who wants to do evil things because we think he won’t be able to do so. That just makes … so much sense.

It’s been a week and a bit. What’s he gotten up to? WHAT A SURPRISE! Many of the exact criminal or immoral things he’s said he wanted to do.

Let’s start with actual crimes. Things that are literally illegal but which, for some reason, the Constitution isn’t doing anything to protect us from.

It’s almost as if the Constitution is literally just a piece of paper, and the rights it guarantees have to be upheld by the citizens of this country.

If only we had some tool to do so. Like, I don’t know. Being able to cast our vote for someone who ISN’T a tool.

Anyway, as of the 21st of January, 2017, Donald began his criminal activities by violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution and receiving pay-for-play cash from foreign leaders and dignitaries.

*sniff* I love the smell of that fresh-baked, out-in-the-open corruption, you know? Unlike that corruption that’s so well-hidden no one can ever find any actual evidence of it really existing.

Also it’s been revealed that Donald, as well as many of his senior White House staff, are using public email addresses for official business. In fact, they’re using gmail.

Gmail, just so you know, is several steps DOWN in security from, say, a private email server on private property that no one ever hacked into, until AFTER it was put in the government’s hands.

But apparently, THIS actual, literal crime is acceptable to a majority of Donald’s supporters, a majority of whom said in a poll that he SHOULD be able to have a private email server.

Because Donald’s supporters—who, remember, are a pretty significant minority of America’s citizens—didn’t want you to forget for even a week what unbelievable hypocrites they are.

Let’s move on to moral crimes. Incredible violations of good ethical conduct that, while not illegal, are utterly reprehensible and often found in many of history’s worst dictators.

Attempting to silence unfavorable—but honest—members of the press while also promoting one favorable news outlet in attempt to legitimize it as “state press?” Check.

Cutting funding to government plans that demonstrably reduce violence against women? BIG check.

Cutting funding for a major organization that delivers women’s health care services in America and helps saves countless women’s lives every year? Check.

Okay, fine, I won’t beat around the bush on that one. I’m talking about Planned Parenthood. And I want to address what you’re probably saying right now, which is that this was a pro-life move on his part.

So here’s the thing: you’re wrong, or you’re fucking lying, knowingly, and it’s disgusting. Federal money already can’t pay for abortion, legally.

They are only used to pay for services like pap smears, cancer screenings, and other stuff that prevent health crises and save lives.

Y’all, I want to keep going, but I always keep my videos to four minutes or less, and this list goes on and on. I mean, there’s lying about voter fraud, lying about his inauguration crowds.

I mean the lies alone just go on forever. I can’t make videos about his lies faster than he keeps spitting them out. He lies like he doesn’t care about the consequences, because let’s face it: who’s making him face any consequences?

Also, the Muslim ban happened literally in between me writing the script for this video, and me filming it. Unable to talk about it. Who knows what he’s done since.

Not gonna lie, y’all. I’m vastly disappointed in every single person who cast a vote for this psychotic fascistic rapist.

If anyone thought the people against Donald would be calming down after the election, you clearly don’t know much about us or why we’re upset.

Or, you know, how to tell when someone is literally evil, or you might not have voted for him.

But listen, I’m telling you: if you are one of the people who supported and/or voted for Trump, and you’re feeling defensive about it, it’s only because we need to see a change.

You wanted to give him a chance. The rest of us didn’t, but he got the chance anyway. And it hasn’t gotten better. It’s gotten worse.

He’s had his chance, right? You can’t possibly still agree with his blatant lies and the things he’s actually, factually doing, right?

So take some responsibility, and help us stop him from making things even EVEN worse.

For the Rebels out there, thank you so much for watching. I will see you on Friday. Byyye!

Garrett Robinson

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