Six-Pack for Sarah

Six-Pack for Sarah

3FreeBooksI’ve lost something very special to me.

As many of you know, I was a filmmaker before I was ever an author. Three years ago, I bought my FIRST filmmaking camera. It was beautiful. Finally I could shoot whenever and however I wanted to. No restrictions. Just me and my art.

Like a lot of artists, I can be kind of eccentric. So I might have named my camera Veronica. And because that clearly wasn’t taking it far enough, I named my lens, too. Her name was Sarah.

A year went by, and then Veronica was stolen from me. It was a terrible tragedy. But! The thieves didn’t get Sarah. She was at my house when the camera was taken.

Fast forward to last month. My wife did the unprecedented and got me a new camera for my birthday (which I promptly named Rebecca). She got the camera with no lens to save money, and because I still had Sarah! I was back in business!

And then, two days ago, Sarah broke. There was no accident. It was simply a long-overdue product of the wear and tear I’d put her through. Sarah had come with me to New Zealand, for God’s sake.


Can you even take those eyes?

But I refused to give in to despair. Sarah will be immortalized upon my shelf forever. She was my first lens. I will never abandon her.

Even though, yeah, I need to replace her.

But what does this have to do with you? And why are there three books at the top of this post?

If you can find it within your heart to help me replace my irreplaceable companion, I would like to humbly ask you for a $3.00 donation to fund the replacement of Sarah. You can donate through PayPal by clicking on the button below.


I wouldn’t just ask you for this and not offer anything in return.

Those three books at the top of this post? They’re the first three books I ever published.

Actually, the first one is a trilogy, the second one is a two-parter, and the third one is a single novel. So, technically, they’re six titles. A six-pack.

And if you donate to help me replace Sarah, I’ll email you that six-pack.

Why? Well, because, they’re my back catalog. Everyone is interested in my new novels. No one is buying these older books, anyway.

And more importantly, it’s the least I can do for you, you who are so generously helping me replace Sarah.

Plus, it’s a fantastic deal, a better deal than I can offer you on Amazon. Seriously: there’s so much verbiage in that six-pack, Amazon won’t let me price it for $3.00. If you were to buy them, you’d spend $14.96. There’s more than 150,000 words in that six-pack.

But a three dollar donation, and bam, they’re yours.

So, if you can find it within your heart to help me out here, I will find it within my heart to give you my whole back catalog.

And you’ll enjoy them. Trust me.

QUESTION: What happens if you raise enough money for Sarah 2.0? What then?

ANSWER: Any money beyond that would go into extra equipment. More storage media, extra batteries, etc., to put Rebecca to as much use as possible.

Thank you.

Garrett Robinson

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