Self-Publishing’s Basic Flaw

Self-Publishing’s Basic Flaw

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

If you’re American, I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving on Thursday. If you’re not American, I simply hope you had an excellent Thursday.

I had a fantastic time in San Diego with my family, both immediate and extended. We were there for two days, which were the first days I had taken off in I honestly don’t remember how long.

November was supposed to be my crazy month, the month that I overworked myself to clear out all my backlogged projects so I didn’t have any more going into December and could just work on new stuff.

Well, I definitely overworked myself, but I didn’t bust out my backlogs. So, December is going to be ANOTHER crazy month as I try to eliminate all my backlogged projects once and for all.

The cool thing is that this overwork isn’t due to me just trying to meet my basic survival needs, so, like, that’s a massive improvement over how the last few years have gone. Yay!

2016 is going to be an incredible year. There’s a huge, huge, superbig, massive roll-out coming next year, which I can’t wait to share with you. I’m going to announce it to my email list in eight days and, yeah, I’ll probably make a video about it on that day, too.

But on a related note, last Friday I released Shadeborn, the fourth book in the Nightblade Epic. Look. Here it is. It is a thing that physically exists.

Yeah, I guess I kind of just glossed over that a little bit, but it’s actually really, really exciting, come to think of it. It’s a new book in the Nightblade Epic, and I won’t bother telling you it’s my favorite one so far. I mean, that kind of goes without saying at this point.

Not because I think it’s like a towering new achievement in literature, but just because I wouldn’t…you know, release it if I didn’t think it was better than the previous books in the series.

This is the first print book I’ve received with one of the new covers, too, and I’m really happy with it. The rest are on their way, so obviously I’ll show them as soon as I have them in my physical hands.

So, speaking to that 2016 release schedule, the next book in the Nightblade Epic is currently schedule for release in April, and I will start writing it in January, not immediately, for reasons that will become clear…later.

Then book 6 is scheduled for August, and if I can stick to that schedule, that means we’ll be six books in by the end of 2016.

And you guys are going to hate me so, so much when you read book 6. Heh. Hehehehehe.

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last three years on my own, right? Like, I don’t mind saying it was pretty impressive keeping a self-publishing career going that long, even if it was hard and stressful and not necessarily what most people would call “successful.”

But part of the reason why I’m so happy with Shadeborn is that it’s the book where I graduated from true self-publishing to the more appropriately named “indie publishing.”

See, “self-publishing” is a misnomer, or at least it should be. Until September, I literally did EVERYTHING on my books myself, with the help of beta readers.

I thought that wasn’t holding me back, or at least not holding me back too badly, and when I produced Shadeborn with Sterling & Stone, I realized how very, very wrong I was about that.

The personal effort required of me was less than on any previous book, and yet the end result is monumentally better, because if you are lucky enough to find a good team, 1+1 can equal three, or five, or ten.

If there’s any general critique that can be leveled at self-publishing, it’s that: the inclusion of the word “self” is misleading and possibly destructive of the quality of your work.

But then again, it’s really, really hard to find a team of people who are as awesome to work with as Sterling & Stone, just like it’s incredibly difficult to find traditional publishers who can reliably do good work with good material provided by good authors.

I mean sure, if you’re a successful author already, things get a lot easier for you. You have access to better editors and marketing, either because your traditional publisher is more willing to invest in you, or because you’re indie publishing and you can pay for it yourself.

So I guess my big takeaway from this book is that you can go it alone, and in the beginning you might have to. But you should make it a priority as quickly as you possibly can to find a good team to work with or, if you can’t find one, to put it together yourself.

Oh, and I guess the other big takeaway is that you should buy Shadeborn if you haven’t already.

On a related note, all books in the Nightblade Epic are currently available in gorgeous hardcover editions, and over Black Friday weekend I put them on sale for 20% off.

However I screwed something up on setting up the sale, and it WASN’T on sale yesterday when it was supposed to be, so to make up for it I’m extending the sale for today and tomorrow. If you want to get yourself a beautiful hardcover for Christmas, or as a Christmas present for someone else, the link is in the description.

That’s it for today, Rebels. A special shoutout to my supporters on Patreon who make all my YouTube videos possible, especially my sponsors, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

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