A Piercing Look at Independent Art

The struggle of the artist coming up — by one who knows.

Rebel Yell, by Garrett Robinson


The fight to be heard in a world that’s all noise.

“It’s no way to make a living.” Every artist has heard it at one point, when their dreams seem impossible and friends tell them a career in art is hopeless.

It’s something Steve Caverly can’t afford to believe. All his life he’s dreamed of fronting the rock band Rebel Yell, playing sold-out shows to the adoring masses.

Then comes producer Lenny Bergner from Monument Records with an offer: he’ll sign the band if Steve will ghostwrite an album for Hunger Strike, the biggest band in rock, and its enigmatic lead singer Hayley Savage.

Steve signs on despite his band’s misgivings, but he soon finds Hayley is more than he can handle. Soon he begins to question everything about himself, his music, and whether success is worth the price he’s agreed to pay.

This is the story of one band trying to survive when art belongs to the dollar. Sometimes witty, always heartless, Rebel Yell is a piercing look at independent art in the post-modern age.

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“What Garrett Robinson understands – and that so many people miss – is that short-term temptation is seldom worth the loss of one’s freedom, be it artistic or otherwise.”
Johnny B. Truant

“Garrett Robinson gets it: The future belongs to those who step onstage and take it.”
Sean Platt