Realm Keepers Author’s Journal: Episode 3, Chapter 4

NOTE: I fell a little behind on this journal, and I’m midway through Episode 4. I’m going to schedule the journals to release over a decent period of time so they don’t all dump on the site at once.

RK S1e3The fourth chapter of Episode Three is complete!

This is the chapter where the action really starts to heat up. Alone and against Barius’ wishes, Raven travels to the town of Elladorn, where some unnamed threat has the townspeople in a grip of terror. She begins to meet the people of the world she’s now bound to protect, and thus begins to realize the importance of her duty.

I wanted a slow acceptance of her responsibility. It’s not like you can just say one thing to someone and they snap to, saying, “Oh, yes, of course, I’ll do my duty.” Raven’s never had any responsibilities before. It’s part of the reason she went goth; a lack of responsibility can make your life incredibly boring (and dark).

But as always, the best thing to spur someone into action is the sudden threat of imminent danger. So that’s what Raven gets this episode, and in spades.

Episode Three comes out a week from today! Keep your eyeholes peeled!

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