Realm Keepers Author’s Journal: Episode 3, Chapter 3

RK S1e3Episode 3, Chapter 3 is now sitting pretty in its Scrivener file.

This chapter starts digging deep into Raven’s central conflict in the Midrealm novel. Think about it: she’s a goth who’s suddenly in another, fantastic world, where she’s one of six superheroes in charge of saving two entire universes. Isn’t that a little bit much for her? Do you think a goth like her really wants that kind of responsibility? Or would she rather spend all day in her room, blasting Pantera and thinking about cutting herself?

Well, maybe not that last part, because this is YA. But definitely on the Pantera.

The point is, Raven, like all of the Realm Keepers, has to decide if she wants to do this. But really, she can’t decide NOT to. They’re all there is! They’re chosen by Destiny! If she doesn’t assume the mantle, no one else will, unless she kills herself. And Raven’s goth, but she’s not THAT goth. So ultimately, she doesn’t have to decide IF she wants to do this, but she has to decide THAT she must do this.

I’ve decided that Barius will serve as the mentor character who brings her to that point. After all, he’s clearly duty-driven. He’s dedicated his life to saving hers. And how do the kids repay the Runegard who put their (non-magical) lives on the line every day? By acting like wise-ass high school kids who think life is a big joke (or a big game). So Barius is going to help her snap out of this.

When you read the chapter, I hope you enjoy how he does it.

Garrett Robinson

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