Realm Keepers Author’s Journal: Episode 3, Chapter 2

RK S1e3Well, here it is, way later than it should be. Chapter 2 of Episode 3 is done.

This chapter takes place almost entirely in Midrealm. We’re really getting into Raven’s character now, and her central conflict that’s at the root of this episode’s story. Also, I’m delving deeper into her relationships with other characters. In particular, in this chapter she has two significant scenes: one with Sarah, the leader of the Realm Keepers, and one with Barius, the Runegard who is assigned as her personal bodyguard.

The dynamic between Raven and Barius will be, I think, one of my favorites in this series. She’s a young, uppity, uncaring goth chick. He’s an old, grizzled war veteran who’s nearly impossible to kill. (For anybody who’s curious, Barius is the only Runegard who was there when the previous Realm Keepers were killed, and who survived the Battle of the Circle. He’s like Wolverine in a suit of armor).

But in this chapter, the interaction with Sarah was probably even better. Sarah is a natural born leader, but she and Raven have a history as friends long before the series started. Rather than help her interaction with Raven, however, their past friendship is a hindrance. The reasons for that aren’t revealed yet, and I’m certainly not going to outline them here. But Raven is having difficulty seeing Sarah as her captain, rather than a former friend who wasn’t there for her in a time of need.

And now to bed, at 5:00am! Episode 3 finished tomorrow or bust!

Garrett Robinson

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