Realm Keepers Author’s Journal: Episode 3, Chapter 1

RK S1e3So my co-author, Z. C. Bolger, and I have got a pretty crazy production schedule between now and September 17th, when our new book Midrealm releases. (By the way, did you know you can pre-order it at this link?)

In order to have enough time for the editing, revisions, publication and shipping the paperbacks out, I’ll need to be completing just over two chapters a day. And with that kind of regularity coming into my schedule, I thought it might be cool to write a brief blog post every time I finished a chapter. I’ll describe what the writing process was like for the chapter, and what (if anything) would interest you in it.

The first chapter I’ve just wrapped up is Episode 3, Chapter 1. Most notably, this is the first chapter of Raven’s episode. Raven is a goth on Earth, and the Keeper of Lightning in Midrealm. She’s an interesting character in the first couple of episodes because she’s very mysterious. We don’t know much about her, other than the fact that she’s sullen, sarcastic and seems totally bored by the fact that she’s in another universe and has magic. 

Well, she can still be entertaining, but now we’re in her head. So she has to lose a little of the mystery, though not all of it. I had to really introduce myself to this character, figure out what made her tick.

We catch up with her in this chapter as the Realm Keepers are beginning to learn physical fighting in Midrealm. They need to learn how to defend themselves if they’re ever deprived of their magic. Plus, physical training along with meditation forms the trifecta that assists their magical training the most. It’s tradition for the Realm Keepers to learn this way.

Anyway, Raven is totally disinterested. She doesn’t want to learn how to sword fight. So she ends up making another weapon choice, one that will probably make a lot of readers laugh (especially David Wright and Carl Sinclair).

The second half of the chapter takes place on Earth, and this was where the coolest thing happened in this chapter. Up till now, we hadn’t given a reason for why Raven is a goth. She just is. But now we’re in her universe. That can’t go unexplained forever.

Well, I’m still not certain it will be revealed in this episode, but I wanted to know for myself before I got too far into the development of her character. So I figured that out, and now I understand her so much better. She’s suffered a tragedy that’s directly taken from my own life (although she’s reacted to it a bit more severely than I did). And now I can totally relate to her. She’s not like her friends, who are goth for the shock value and to piss off their parents. She likes those aspects of it, but she’s in the goth mindset because she really has become a little obsessed with death and how crappy life can sometimes be. I’m not going to give away the reason in this blog post, but I hope it enables you to relate with her better, too.

So that’s the summary on Episode 3, Chapter 1! See you soon with Chapter 2!

EDIT: Quick shout-out to my co-author Z. C. Bolger, whose website you should totally visit. The story beats he’s provided me with on this episode are the best I’ve seen yet, and have totally renewed my faith in our ability to meet the insane deadlines we’ve set out for ourselves! You rock man!

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