Realm Keepers Art Contest

Realm Keepers Art Contest

I’m holding an art competition for the release of my new book, Midrealm.

A few things I’m hoping to achieve with this:

  • Obviously, I want to get more eyes on the book. Not gonna lie, I’m hoping this helps. BUT, I also want to help artists get more eyes on THEIR work. I’m not asking for the rights to anyone’s art. I’ve established terms and conditions so that I can’t use or profit from their work. By the same token, they can’t sell their work based on our book without a separate merchandising contract.
  • I’m really hoping that through this contest, I can find an artist whose work I like enough to collaborate with on future artwork for Realm Keepers, particularly for merchandising. Realm Keepers t-shirts? Calendars? I’d love it all.
  • I love fantasy art. Any conceptual art based on my favorite stories like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones helps my enjoyment of the book tremendously. Why not outsource some fantasy art for a series and find inspiration for characters, story lines and locations?
  • What do you think? Have you ever considered or tried an art contest for your own series?

    To enter the contest, visit this link.

    Garrett Robinson

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