Production Vs. Organization

Production Vs. Organization

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

So I told you yesterday about how I’d been having a tough time recently, and I know it can be annoying hearing about things like that without getting the details, so I want to try to expand on it a little bit.

When you’re running a business—and every self-employed author or any kind of entrepreneur IS running their own business—there are two types of activities you can engage in: production and organization.

Production is just what it sounds like: you produce things for consumption, things that you sell which earn the income you need to keep functioning.

On the flip side, organization means setting up your lines and methods of production so that when you’re producing, you’re more effective at it, and you can get more done in less time.

But there’s another part of business that’s obviously incredibly important, and that’s marketing and advertising.

Now, with regards to my books, marketing and advertising are part of organization, because I set up marketing systems that run without my attention, that get more readers to look at my books and eventually buy them.

But when you’re a freelancer—and I still do a lot of freelance work to supplement the income from my books and YouTube—marketing is often part of your production, and you spend a lot of time on it.

It’s time you spend contacting past clients and seeing if they need any more work done, or asking for referrals to other people who might need your services.

Now the thing about the freelance work I do—which is mostly editing and formatting books other people have written—is that repeat business is very few and far between.

Unfortunately, many self-published authors who publish their first book often don’t produce another book at all.

The reasons vary. Maybe they only wanted to write the one book. Sometimes, they put out their first book, it doesn’t immediately start earning them five thousand dollars a month, and they consider themselves a failure.

I can tell you from experience: it doesn’t matter if you get good reviews, it doesn’t matter that your book is objectively good. If an author publishes their book and it doesn’t immediately start earning crazy amounts of money, more often than not they think there’s something wrong with them.

Sometimes they think there’s something SO wrong with them that they decide they’d better never write another book again and they give up on publishing completely, and that’s sad—not just for them, but because it means I’ll never get them as a repeat client.

But that’s not the only reason repeat business is scarce. After I edit and format a book for someone, if they DO write another book, it can be many months before they finish it and then need editing and formatting services again.

The result of all this is that only about 10% of my business is repeat business. And the result of THAT is that about 75% of my freelance work time, is trying to find MORE freelance work.

So my freelance work is extremely time-consuming and more often than not doesn’t result in a lot of actual, you know, PRODUCTION, and that can make you feel very depressed.

Now to be clear I’m not talking about depression depression, I’m talking about legitimately feeling sad because you have a good reason to feel sad.

And after many many days just like this, I was starting to feel REALLY bad, hitting one of those inevitable slumps that always comes when your business isn’t going as well as you want it to go.

It was only when I sat down and started organizing again that I felt like I was in control again, and my general mood and emotional tone lifted, and that’s why it’s so important that we remember to set aside time to get ourselves organized.

Otherwise you can literally work yourself to death without ever getting where you want to go. Only by organizing and planning our future can we ever make that future happen.

So that’s a little more detail about what’s been happening recently—however, for this weekend’s exclusive patron videos, I’m going to go into even more detail and actually talk some numbers that I’ve never shown before on the YouTube channel.

But I’m only going to be sharing that with my patrons on Patreon, who make all my YouTube endeavors possible. If you want to join up and get eight secret videos every month for just a buck, click the Patron link below.

Thank you so much for watching, Rebels, an extra special thank you to my Patreon supporters, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

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