PAD 00009 On the Phone

PAD 00009 On the Phone

I spent almost all of January 9th on the phone. I talked to my aunt Sybil. I talked to my dad. And I talked to my friend Brian Meeks.

I wanted to tell Sybil and Dad about Oregon. I’d already told both of them that I wanted to move to Austin. Sybil lives in Austin, so she was excited about that. And Dad and his wife, Karen, were interested, because they wanted to visit us in Austin.

Now my sights are set on Oregon. I wasn’t entirely sure how they would take it, but, to my surprise they were both really supportive. Sybil told me that she originally moved to Austin because she loved its small-town feel. Now it feels like “just another” big city to her. Dad had been to Oregon, and he knew just how beautiful it was. His own dad, my grandfather, had fallen completely in love with Oregon.

And then I spent hours on the phone with my friend Brian Meeks. Brian is an indie author, like me. He writes somewhat satirical literary fiction, and sci-fi space opera—two genres that just go swimmingly together. He’s also the smartest data analyst I know, and he turned me on to most of the marketing stuff I use to make my author career work. We talked about advertising on Facebook and Amazon, and spent a surprising amount of time talking about what we were going to do when we were filthy stinking rich.

Out of words.

Garrett Robinson

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