Page a Day: January 9th, 2015

Page a Day: January 9th, 2015

Still more requests for review copies of Nightblade coming in.

The problem with reaching out to YouTubers, as with so many things in the self-publishing world, is delayed gratification. I have problems with delayed gratification (I’m sure many people do). I make a YouTube video, I’m getting views, likes and comments within minutes. I broadcast a game on Twitch, and people are in the comments talking to me while I play.

Almost no other art form is like that. Certainly not writing. Certainly not filmmaking. It can be very, very hard to keep yourself going when you’re not even sure people will like the final product. Hank Green wrote a fantastic Tumblr post about this—today? Yesterday?—and I couldn’t agree with him more.

So writing a book is bad enough, because it’s slog and slog and slog and then finally people can tell you what they think. Sending books out for review is the same way. You send an email, and then maybe you’ll get a response, and then it takes the book a week to reach them, and then they have to read it, and then they have to make their video.

Delayed gratification.

Still, I don’t think you can be successful without this kind of long-term thinking. It’s why I write in the first place—because having more books on the market is an evergreen strategy. But I sure do wish everything could happen just a bit more quickly.

Garrett Robinson

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