PAD 00008 Alone With Bad Computers

PAD 00008 Alone With Bad Computers

On January 8th, I published a YouTube video about seeing the Delphian School in Oregon.

I spent most of the rest of the day alone in Melodi’s house. Melodi, who I mentioned before, is Meghan’s aunt, and just one of the best people. She and Meghan had a grand time around the Bay Area. I sat on Meghan’s crummy laptop and tried to get work done.

I had files I owed to a friend of mine, Matt Hunt. I tried to extract them on Meghan’s computer and send them to him. And I couldn’t.

The other big project I had in my lap was my next book, The Alchemist’s Touch, which my partner Sean Platt had finished editing and was ready for MY final edit before sending it to THE final editor.

But, Meghan’s laptop couldn’t open that either, despite hours of work trying to get it to install the right program.

So. Not the most productive day. But it was nice to have the house to myself most of the day. In McMinnville, we were staying in a house with friends who had four of their own kids. There was almost never a quiet moment.

Melodi’s place, on the other hand, is like a little temple up in the hills. No noise. No chatter. And very beautiful. Unfortunately, not as beautiful as Oregon.

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