Page a Day: January 8th, 2015

Page a Day: January 8th, 2015

Meghan’s had a bunch more responses from YouTubers asking for copies of Nightblade. We’ve shipped out almost ten of them, which is just great. Now we’re going to keep track of their channels and see who actually reviews it, and if they do, we want to send them a copy of Mystic immediately.

Speaking of which, Mystic will go up for sale next Friday. I’ll wrap up the print book this weekend and submit it, and then immediately order a box to fulfill orders for signed copies. It always feels good to have a new print title in your hand, and never more so now, when it will be a sequel to my best selling book so far.

Then I go hardcore on Darkfire. When that book is done, I’m going to do a release schedule very much like the way Zach and I originally released Midrealm.

That was my most successful book launch ever, and I have no idea why I haven’t done that every time. Part of it is, of course, because I’ve actually only released three print books since Midrealm, and they were pretty spaced out. But part of it is that I just forgot.

I forget too many things like that, actions that were very successful that I never do again for one reason or another. Hopefully with Meghan having my back, that won’t happen so often any more.

But Darkfire should be a great launch. And if I can keep it up with a few more books in The Nightblade Volumes this year, this could really be when I start taking care of my family with writing alone.

Garrett Robinson

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