PAD 00006 I Have a Problem

PAD 00006 I Have a Problem

January 6th was the day I started to have a problem.

First, I published a YouTube video about seeing my friends in Portland.

Then we went and toured the Delphian School, located in Sheridan, Oregon, about a twenty-minute drive from McMinnville.

I went to the Delphi Academy in Los Angeles, an offshoot of the Delphian School. And I’d met lots of people who went to BOTH schools—the Oregon location has a boarding school program, so some kids went to Delphi in L.A., and then went to high school in Oregon.

By all accounts, the Delphian School was a really nice school. Certainly, the academic program was top notch, as I knew from personal experience.

I just wasn’t prepared for how nice the campus was going to be. Nice is downplaying it. Amazing. Epic. Fantastic. One of the best and most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

My kids could go to school there.

When we toured the school, I knew immediately that I was doomed. Because anywhere else I went, any other schools I looked into for my children, I knew I would feel like I was doing something wrong. The Delphian School is the best school I could put my kids in. Anything else would just be…sub-par.

We got back in the car and headed back for McMinnville. I looked at Meghan beside me and said, “You were right.”

Garrett Robinson

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