PAD 00005 Meeting Friends

PAD 00005 Meeting Friends


On January 5th I drove to Portland. Two online friends of mine, Kristen and Rob, who live in Seattle, took the train down to Portland to meet me.

I met Kristen online through my writing. Or maybe my YouTube. Or VlogaNovel. Okay, I don’t remember exactly how we met. But we met, and she is awesome. Then, when I was livestreaming video games for a while, I met her boyfriend Rob, who is much better at video games than I am, and is also a damn good writer.

Hanging out was awesome and special and fun. We went to lunch. We spent hours in a bookstore. And, yeah. Personal, IN-person hanging out will always have something you can’t get online. They’re both good, for different reasons, but seeing the two of them was hella fun.

In I’m-the-worst-father-ever news, January 5th was also Dawn’s birthday. I promise you that, every second I was not in Portland or driving, I spent with Dawn. And her big birthday party is later in January, so I’m not REALLY the worst father ever.

I hope.

Portland was awesome. And Oregon was still beautiful. That was the day I decided that, even though I still wanted to move to Austin, I was going to be visiting Portland a lot.

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