Page a Day: January 5th, 2015

Page a Day: January 5th, 2015

Well, all predictions for today’s productivity ended up wrong. Since it was Meghan’s first weekday off from the daycare, she took the time to do some important errands—getting her hair done, for one (she hasn’t had it cut since before she was pregnant with Desmond) and visiting Delphi to meet with Dawn’s teachers. As a result, I ended up spending most of the day watching Desmond and didn’t produce anything but a YouTube video.

That video, however, proved incredibly popular with commenters. I read horrible comments from my “I Am a Feminist and a Social Justice Warrior” video from last year, and reacted to each one, and viewers really seemed to like it. Many people asked for me to do more videos like it. Thing is, I don’t want to do more videos like that. It’s not easy sifting through page after page of horrible, misogynistic, cruel comments to find ones funny enough to respond to. Ah well. Maybe once every six months or so.

And most importantly, Dawn turned 5 today. 5 years ago, we were in a hospital waiting to meet our first child. Meghan had gone through 30 hours of labor and we made the decision to have a C-section, at the doctor’s recommendation. Now Dawn can hold full conversations and is practicing magic tricks. Time flies, and yet it feels like we’ve always had all three of our kids in our lives.

A good day. But tomorrow I need to do more.

Garrett Robinson

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