PAD 00004 Adventures With Mice

PAD 00004 Adventures With Mice

I went to Staples and bought a wireless mouse for my wife’s laptop.

Well, actually there’s more to it than that. SHE went to Staples and got a mouse. The mouse she got was hot pink, which wasn’t a problem. But it was also about A THIRD the size of a regular computer mouse, and that IS a problem. I’ve used mice like that before. They give me hand cramps.

So I took the mouse and got in our car, which slid wonderfully on the snow-covered road (with snowfall every three years, the town hasn’t invested in a snowplow. And I told Google Maps to take me to Staples.

Problem. Where Google Maps thought the Staples was, it wasn’t. I drove around the block five times—slipping and sliding all over the road—before finally parking and getting out. But no, the Staples was NOT hiding in any of the strip malls on the block. It just wasn’t there. Then my phone died, so I couldn’t call our local McMinnville friends and ask where it actually was, so I hoofed it back to the car, plugged my phone in, and called as soon as the car charged it enough. THEN I found the Staples. And I got a pretty sweet wireless computer mouse.

I think more happened that day. But I’m writing this after the fact, and that was definitely the most interesting thing that happened that day.

Garrett Robinson

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