Page a Day: January 4th, 2015

Page a Day: January 4th, 2015

I wrote almost 7,000 words today. My most productive writing day in a while. The thing is, there’s no reason I should’t be writing that much—or more—every single day. It just doesn’t often work out that way. Still, that’s the first draft of Mystic: Episode Six very nearly done.

Vloganovel can be both a blessing and a curse. When I do it, it’s no-nonsense. I know people might be watching, and that the video will be on YouTube forever. So I never slack off or do anything else but write while the camera’s running. But because it takes a minute to set up—and perhaps because I know that, once it starts, I can’t do anything else—I tend to find excuses to delay starting it. I’m getting better about it, though. And if I can keep up even one 90-minute stretch each day, I’ll publish more than a million words in 2015.

While Meghan was out today, she bought Settlers of Catan. I’ve been obsessed with that game ever since I first played it a couple of months ago. So, with Matt staying here, we sat down and played three games together over a six pack. I had an unbelievably fun time, and by a stroke of luck, each of us won one game. Matt seemed to really enjoy it—I predict many more Settlers games while he’s still here in the house.

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