PAD 00003 Snow in Oregon

PAD 00003 Snow in Oregon

We woke up in Oregon to falling snow.

Now, we went to Big Bear for Christmas. And it snowed on Christmas Eve, after the kids went to bed. So they got to wake up to snow, but they didn’t get to see the snow fall.

They loved it in Oregon. They were catching snowflakes on their tongues. We walked to a nearby hill and went sledding. I mean, it was classic.

I edited the footage I’d shot the day before, and I published my YouTube video.

Okay, so, Oregon is really beautiful. The town we were staying in, McMinnville, is incredibly cute. Very small—population of about 35,000. But it’s got some nice restaurants, some nice coffee shops, and it’s surrounded by the most incredible farm country.

I guess it gave us the snow as a New Year’s present, too, because it turns out that’s only the second time it snowed in that town for the last six years.

Like I said in the video, it was like driving from summer directly into winter, in about the course of a day.

The only crappy thing about Oregon was that I didn’t have a laptop while I was there, and I had to use my wife’s. Holy cow. What a piece of crap that laptop is. And it didn’t even have a separate mouse, and the trackpad sucked.

But I couldn’t complain too much. I mean, Oregon was so damn beautiful.

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