PAD 00002 Failing at YouTube

PAD 00002 Failing at YouTube

I did not manage to make a YouTube video on the 2nd of January.

Now, maybe that’s understandable. We were driving all day. Which was really a shame, because it means we didn’t get to spend any time with Meghan’s aunt Melodi in San Francisco, and she’s one of my absolute favorite people.

18 hours we were on the road, including stops to eat and gas up. And I filmed a lot of the trip, but I couldn’t exactly edit it, right? We landed in McMinnville, Oregon, some time around 10:00pm.

But it still sucks. My number one resolution for 2016 is to get back to making YouTube videos every day. I want to. It’s smart for me to, because it’s the best place to connect with my fans. Yet, I don’t. I’m lucky if I get one YouTube video done a week.

Now, saying this from the future—January 15th—it’s easy for me to say, “I’m going to get back on schedule.” But we’ll see.

Anyway. The drive was fantastic. Northern California is infinitely more beautiful than the Southern California desert. Oregon is more beautiful still.

Fun fact: it’s illegal to gas up your own car in Oregon. They’re all full-service, by law. When someone walked up to me at the gas station and asked what grade of gas, I apologized and said I meant to pull into a self-serve pump. There was an awkward moment.

Damn, Oregon is beautiful.

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