PAD 00001 Writing a Page a Day

PAD 00001 Writing a Page a Day

Okay, let’s get this out of the way.

I’m cheating.

I’m writing this on January 15th. Because I decided in December of 2015 that I was going to bring back Page a Day for 2016, and then I went on vacation, and I forgot.

But I’m still doing it. And so yes, this day is being written retroactively. Sue me.

On January 1st, I left Los Angeles with my family. We bundled up in our Honda Pilot and set off for the north, stopping overnight in San Francisco.

The trip’s purpose was to explore Oregon. In September of 2015, I decided to move my family to Austin. L.A. is too expensive, and it’s not where I want to raise my kids. Austin is a great city, and Sterling & Stone is located there. Since I’m working with Sterling & Stone now, and I love Austin with a capital L, it makes the most sense.

But Meghan wasn’t sold on moving to Texas (even though Austin is nothing like the rest of Texas, as both Austin and the rest of Texas will freely admit). And so she wanted to bring me to Oregon. Just to check it out. Who knew? Maybe I’d like it there. But as I got in the car at the start of the new year, I knew I’d go back home to L.A. still intending to move to Austin.

Still. We hadn’t taken a vacation in three years. It was going to be  nice.

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