PAD 00016 Crappy Communicator

PAD 00016 Crappy Communicator

Hey! Guess what we didn’t do today? If you guessed “extract the files for Matt,” you guessed correct!

I still can’t access the files, and now Matt most likely hates me. I’m supposed to call him, but I hate doing that. “Hey, buddy. You know the problem I’ve been having? Yep. Still having it. Well, good talk.”

I have a problem communicating sometimes. Like in this case. No matter how many people tell me, how many times, “Just let me know what’s happening. I prefer hearing something than nothing.” In truth, it never seems to be true. Because after I’ve said for the tenth time that I still can’t produce X, where X is what they want from me, they start to get more irritated.

So. I’m a crappy communicator. I don’t like it, but it’s true.

After more hours of frustration, I went to a friend’s baby shower. There were friends there I haven’t seen in months, some in years. We drank beer from baby bottles and made s’mores. It was nice to relax.

But these days, after the vacations, I’m feeling a little too relaxed. I need to get in gear and start cranking out some production if I’m going to make my targets for this year. And it’s really, really hard to do that when I’m struggling with stupid computer problems that shouldn’t even exist.

Ah well. Tomorrow’s another day.

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