Page a Day: January 16th, 2015

Page a Day: January 16th, 2015

Two things could have gone wrong with today’s release of Mystic. One of them did.

The worst thing that could have happened is that no one could have cared. I mean no sales at all. No response to my email. No sales. Nothing. That, obviously, would have been the worst-case scenario.

That’s not what happened.

The second worst thing that could have happened is selling out of the books I ordered and having back orders.

That’s what happened. So now a bunch of people have to wait a few extra days for their books while I get them in the mail from Createspace.

I’m happy about the reaction. I’d call it a quality problem, if not for the back orders. I hate back orders. A holdover from working in a shipping warehouse.

One odd thing I’ve noticed about my email list is that my click rate is going down, but my replies are going way way up. Replies isn’t even a statistic most people spend a lot of time talking about when they discuss email marketing. But I’m getting more responses to my emails every week. It’s pretty awesome, even if actual clicks are slowly declining.

Another note about today: vlogs are great, but I can make them too complicated pretty easily. Today’s video had some split-screen special effects and took me ALL. DAMN. DAY. And then I uploaded it with three editing errors, one of them pretty major. Sigh. Keep it simple, Garrett.

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