PAD 00015 Screw Dropbox

PAD 00015 Screw Dropbox

And now we’ve caught up to real time.

I have spent all. Freaking. Day. Trying to get my Dropbox working.

I also experimented with Google Drive. At first it seemed to be working much better.

Then it started freezing my computer.

I uninstalled it.

I uninstalled Dropbox, too. Screw these services. I pay them. And they don’t even have email support on their website. (Or if they do, it’s buried somewhere where I can’t find it. Thanks a lot, jerks.)

It boggles my mind that companies that big don’t realize how important customer service is. Amazon’s customer service is awesome. Even their customer service to authors with KDP and Createspace is, at least serviceable. At least you CAN reach out to someone, and you WILL get a response. GoDaddy is amazing with their customer service. Big banks get it. Sure, they screw you out of as much of your money as they can, but they’re always there if you pick up the phone and call.

I’m throwing in the towel. No more desktop clients. I’m going to have to do all my work by downloading and then re-uploading my files to Dropbox. Yes, it’s a massive pain in the butt. Yes, it will make me work slower. But now I’ve been in Los Angeles for four days and, other than my book revisions, I’ve gotten nothing done.

No YouTube videos, either. I HAVE to fix that.

Well. First I have to get a friend some files. First thing tomorrow.

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